Browne floors Bahoeli three times in five round thriller

THE drought has officially been broken.

It may have only gone five rounds, but it was dramatic and enthralling viewing as Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Browne overcame a nasty cut to defeat a courageous Eric Bahoeli in five thrilling rounds.

Browne, 35, looked very nervous as he started cautiously, letting the Canadian steal the opening round in a very tentative opening.

This changed when Browne floored Bahoeli with a solid right-hand. Amazingly, despite being floored three times, Bahoeli looked lively and posed a threat for the entirety of the five fast-paced rounds.

Browne’s cut, earned from a nasty head-clash caused trouble for the Sydney-based Australian, as the doctor threatened to halt proceedings due to the excessive nature of the cut.

Urgency began to find itself in Browne’s game as he stormed in for a finish. He proved that despite his limited skill, he can hurt any fighter in the heavyweight division.

“As you can imagine, my corner said it was okay. Im just happy I got the win.” said an ecstatic Browne post-fight.

“Basically, he hits hard. I was worried about the looping shots. I ducked under one and got the head clash. I sensed the urgency and had to speed it up a bit.” he continued.

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“I like breaking peoples wills, I knew if I landed one his mindset would change.” explained Browne. “It wasn’t too bad. It was going down the side of my eye, even with my corner telling me it was fine – I was believing them too.”

“I was very happy. I was pushing the pace, I was told I had one more round cause of the cut. I know for the fact, Im not silly, Im not the most talented – I know that. I hit hard and I know if I hit you, it’s goodnight.”


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