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Live Blog: Kye MacKenzie vs. Waylon Law

Live Blog: Kye MacKenzie vs. Waylon Law


Aus-Boxing will have a live blog for round-by-round updates for the main event from the Eaton Hills Hotel tonight, where undefeated prospect Kye ‘Frenzy’ MacKenzie defends his Australian super featherweight title for the first time against fellow Indigenous prospect Waylon ‘Outlaw’ Law.

MacKenzie vs. Law is scheduled to take place at roughly 10:30PM EST. This time will vary depending on the length of the earlier fights.

Check out the live blog for the title fight below.


Kye MacKenzie (9-0, 7 KOs) TKO 6 Waylon Law (8-5, 2 KOs)
10 Rounds, Super Featherweight – Australian super featherweight title

Round 1: MacKenzie charges out of the blocks in the opening seconds, pushing Law onto the ropes and going to work with body punches. MacKenzie clearly outlanding Law in the opening minute – but Law is riding the shots well – while sitting primarily against the ropes.

MacKenzie is eager to assert his authority on Law, who clearly respects MacKenzie’s power. A lot of nervous energy from both Law and MacKenzie, plenty of punches being thrown, but it’s a clear but competitive round from MacKenzie. 10-9 MacKenzie.

Round 2: The second starts with a jabbing contest between Law and MacKenzie. Law’s jab lands well from a distance due to his towering reach, but MacKenzie is closing off the space very well. The game plan appears to be body punching from MacKenzie, who leaves himself open when launching himself into his punches.

Law is very composed when fighting off the back foot, looking to time MacKenzie with the left-hook counter shot, which lands – but MacKenzie eats it well – plenty of leather being thrown here. All the aggression is coming from the defending champion, but this is a very competitive fight.

The round closes as it starts, despite Law buzzing MacKenzie, it’s another MacKenzie round on activity and work rate. 10-9 MacKenzie.

Round 3: Once again, MacKenzie charging forward – buzzing Law twice – who is clearly on unsteady feet. Quite literally, MacKenzie is looking to walk straight through Law, which based on the punches landed, might work to his advantage.

Despite being buzzed, Law snaps MacKenzie’s head back, who looks emotionless every time he has been tagged. Good signs for anyone favouring MacKenzie, he’s seen Law’s best shots and he’s still taking control of the fight. 10-9 MacKenzie.

Round 4: Law still on the back foot in the fourth round, but is experimenting with a lunging left-hook, which hits nothing but air. Law realises he is behind and the momentum is dramatically shifted to MacKenzie, who has eaten everything Law has thrown with ease.

Law needs to find a way to back MacKenzie up, but it’s hard for the challenger as MacKenzie is having his way with Law. He hasn’t been into deep waters as a professional, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep up this pace for ten rounds – if we get there.

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MacKenzie buzzes Law again, who is slowly but surely beginning to beat Law up. It’s a little early to call the fight, but Law’s right-eye is closing and he’s taking punishment. Law lands a solid counter to end the round, but it’s still the champions round and fight. 10-9 MacKenzie.

Round 5: The danger punch for MacKenzie appears to be the lead left-hook, which has shook Law down to his boots, every time it has landed. Law’s face beginning to show visible signs of damage as the pace slows down in the fifth.

MacKenzie’s trainer Lincoln Hudson asks MacKenzie to slow the pace in the fifth and pick his punches, which gives Law a much needed rest. Even at a slower pace, this fight is all for MacKenzie. He seems to have scared Law into a shell, as he batters Law on the ropes again.

A much slower round closes with both landed simultaneously and yet again, MacKenzie is unfazed. We’re approaching unchartered territory for MacKenzie, a shutout so far. 10-9 MacKenzie.

Round 6: MacKenzie looks intent to make a statement here. He wants to break Law down and despite eating Law’s best shots in the previous round, he hasn’t skipped a beat. Law sees the coming rounds as an opportunity to test MacKenzie.

Until MacKenzie lands a bomb right-hand and Law falls on his face. On unsteady feet, referee Derek Milham calls the fight. Look out for Kye MacKenzie, like Jake Carr and Jeff Horn – a potential super star. MacKenzie TKO 6.

Images: Photography by Rockfingrz/NJR Photography

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