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Hatton Promotions confirm partnership with Brian Amatruda

Hatton Promotions confirm partnership with Brian Amatruda

ICONIC two-division world champion and former British boxing superstar Ricky Hatton has made no secret of his affection for Australian boxing, reaffirming this by announcing a partnership with leading Australian promoter Brian Amatruda and his promotional company Big Time Boxing.

Hatton was in Melbourne earlier this week to finalise a partnership with Amatruda and spoke exclusively with Aus-Boxing about the potential parternship.

“I’m here to do some promoting with Brian (Amatruda) in the future and long may it continue,” said Hatton to Aus-Boxing. “We are discussing several ideas at the moment as the Australian fighters I promote – Damien Hooper, Cameron Hammond and Lucas Browne – fight regularly in Australia but we would like to even more. Which is why we are here discussing with Brian about future promotions and a few other ideas in the pipeline.”

“But hopefully the relationship will flourish, go from strength to strength and people will be seeing a lot more of me here in Australia.”

Hatton Promotions have always had a good working relationship with Amatruda, who regularly promotes the biggest domestic fights Australia has to offer.

The relationship between the two promoters dates back to as far as April 2013, where Amatruda promoted Hatton Promotions’ marquee Australian fighter Lucas Browne, in a twelve-round title fight against the legendary James Toney at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Amatruda was also scheduled to promote Browne’s ill-fated Commonwealth heavyweight title eliminator against Richard Towers – scheduled for last July – but still went on to stage a fight between Browne and big punching American Travis Walker.

“We have a lot of good contacts in Australia and we need a good partner and there is no one better than Brian Amatruda to be honest with you. We have gotten on with him right from the start. I’m very, very excited to be honest.” explained Hatton.

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“We promote a few of the Australian fighters but we are not stupid enough to think we can come over here and my team put on a show,” he continued. “We need a partner that knows Australian boxing and no one knows it better than Brian.”

“Our company are in negotiations to do some co-promotions and that’s why we have been here. It’s the purpose of our trip. Hopefully it will be an ongoing thing that we can do lots of co-promotions together.”

Photo: Adam Auld/Aus-Boxing

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