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Sam Ah-See talks Cameron Hammond rivalry, future fights and more

Sam Ah-See talks Cameron Hammond rivalry, future fights and more

UNDEFEATED former Australian light middleweight champion Sam Ah-See calls it as he sees it.

Having held state and national honours in his budding four-year professional career, Ah-See is looking to close out an already impressive year with a high-profile scalp.

That high-profile scalp is former Olympian and fellow unbeaten Indigineous prospect Cameron Hammond. The brash and equally talented prospect from Orange says that while his name was called initially called out by Hammond, he’s more than happy to oblige.

“It started after he mentioned my name and I’m just accepting the challenge,” said Ah-See in an exclusive interview with Aus-Boxing. “It’s a fight a lot of people want to see and I think it would be a good fight for Australian boxing.”

Ah-See, 23, has had a signature year, first picking up the Australian title in a thrilling ten round battle with Shannon King in February before easily dismantling the previously unbeaten Mike Esganderi in six one-sided rounds in June. Ah-See has seen this year as a learning experience, having gone ten rounds for the first time as well as switching trainers.

“I don’t think I’ve taken the easy route as I’ve had some good tests early – like you said with the Shaggy King fight – which was a tough fight. All that fight came down to was my conditioning, I gassed myself early when I sensed a knockout, but it was my first ten round fight which is expected.”

“I’m learning and I believe you never stop learning. I’ve recently changed trainers and I’m now working with David Birchell. I feel like I’ve improved and I plan on dropping down to welterweight,”

“I plan on continuing to step up while taking the more meaningful fights.”

The decision to drop down to welterweight meant that Ah-See (11-0-1, 6 KOs) had to relinquish his national strap. While the decision does not rest easy with the crafty southpaw, he believes it is a decision that will prove to be beneficial to his fledgling career in the long term.

“I vacated the Australian title because of my plans to drop to welterweight,” he explained. “I feel as if I’m at a disadvantage at light middleweight as it is obviously a higher weight and I think that welterweight is where I should be and where I will now campaign from.”

Having had his last fight on a Brian Amatruda card in June, Ah-See is hoping that is current form as well as a good working relationship between his trainer David Birchell and the Melbourne-based promoter will see him on higher profile cards in the future.

“I don’t have a close relationship with Brian but my trainer David Birchell does,” Ah-See said.

“I hope Brian has plans on promoting me in the future, I like what he’s done with Australian boxing up until now and he’s putting on really good fights and his recent partnership with Hatton Promotions – which I believe is a good move for Australian boxing.”

Having kept his perfect record intact for a handful years, Ah-See credits a strong family background and team that has been behind him from day one.

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“My parents are the back bone without their sacrifice and commitment, I wouldn’t be where I am but there’s a lot of people that have contributed to where I am now to many people to name but the current people that are apart of the team.”

“My team is small, which consists of my trainer David Birchell, my adviser Paul Hennesy, Liz Steete – who is my physiotherapist – and of course my sponsors Mick and Chrissy Manning.”

However, as it stands the only thing Ah-See and his team are focusing on is getting a potentially mouth-watering clash between himself and Hammond signed and matched as soon as possible.

“I’m just focused on making the Hammond fight happen,” he said in closing. “After that we will go back to the drawing board and plan our next move then.”

Photo: Louie Abigail/Photography by Rockfingrz


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