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Will Tomlinson discusses staying active, simplifying his approach

Will Tomlinson discusses staying active, simplifying his approach

SOMETIMES in boxing, the simplest approach can be the most effective.

Will Tomlinson hopes that same mentality will take him on a lightweight title run as he continues his resurgence against tricky Japanese import Hurricane Futa on Saturday night at the Melbourne Park Function Centre.

“The biggest focus for me going into this fight would be my technique,” said Tomlinson to Aus-Boxing.

“We’ve really been focused on simplifying the process with my training and getting me back to doing what I do best in there. And that’s having a low stance, sitting down on my punches and being the boss in the ring.”

After spending two-and-a-half years in West Hollywood, Tomlinson needed to change his training methods.

“I feel like my time in America was such a tough and grinding experience in the gym,” he explained. “I found that I was boxing and moving to give myself a rest from going to war, which took me away from my natural instincts,”

“I’ve tried to focus on sparring naturally, hitting the pads that way and I hope it comes out on Saturday night.”

Having recently turned 30, there is now a genuine sense of maturity in the way that Tomlinson (25-2-1, 13 KOs) handles his career. With that maturity has come a link with fledgling Victorian promoter, Lynden Hosking.

The pair crossed paths in June, instantly clicked and have now formed a fruitful working relationship.

“I felt like I wanted to take a step towards potentially regaining that mainstream media following,” he said.

“Not just that, but the limelight that comes with it too. I felt that the opportunity to headline a stacked card at the Melbourne Park Function Centre, which is the hub of professional sport in Melbourne, was a must.”

“My dealings with Lynden have been seamless. The communication has been great and the expectation of what we each want out of this partnership has been crystal clear. I’m very optimistic about our working relationship.”

After an initial struggle to secure an opponent, Tomlinson will now face Hurricane Futa (20-6-1, 11 KOs), an import with a great chin, having pushed former world champion Jhonny Gonzalez twelve rounds in his last appearance.

“We tried to lock in a few relevant lightweights but the ones that I could fight weren’t available,” Tomlinson added.

“We had a few that were briefly confirmed, and in the end, we got Hurricane Futa,”

“The footage that I’ve watched of Hurricane Futa shows me that he’s a very confident, aggressive and unorthodox fighter. He switch hits, lunges in with his head and most importantly he has a great chin, which he’s proven.”

“All Japanese fighters live and die by the sword and Hurricane will be no different.”

The WBA affiliated regional title defence will be Tomlinson’s second fight in four months.

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The Melburnian is adamant that the short time between camps has put him in a great place, both physically and mentally.

“The process was definitely easier this time around, especially with such a short turnaround,” he quipped. “My best performances in the past have come from short layoffs, when you’re active it’s not as daunting of a process,”

“It’s almost feels like a second home, which is what I want.”

“This week for the fight, I’ve almost been abnormally cool,” he concluded. “It’s because I know that I know I’ve worked hard and I’ve done the one percenters that may have been left out in the past. I’m confident in my preparation,”

“It’s obvious that I’m not looking too far beyond this fight, aside from where I’m eating my victory breakfast. I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to get recognition and I can launch myself towards a title tilt in the coming months.”

“For me, it all comes down to Saturday night and showing the public what I can do.”

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