Our Experts Decide: Blake Caparello vs. Trent Broadhurst Our Experts Decide: Blake Caparello vs. Trent Broadhurst
All eyes will be on Melbourne when Blake Caparello and Trent Broadhurst finally meet. After months of heavy debate and mental warfare, Caparello (26-3-1,... Our Experts Decide: Blake Caparello vs. Trent Broadhurst

All eyes will be on Melbourne when Blake Caparello and Trent Broadhurst finally meet.

After months of heavy debate and mental warfare, Caparello (26-3-1, 10 KOs) and Broadhurst (20-2, 12 KOs) will collide over ten heats to ultimately decide who is Australia’s consensus number one at light heavyweight.

We spoke to our panel of industry insiders to get their thoughts on the highly anticipated clash.

Ben Damon, MAIN EVENT – Record: 16-13

Caparello W10 Broadhurst: This is the type of fight that craves a bigger stage and has the ability to convert a broader audience.

With the personalities and the career desperation on display, it has all the makings of a domestic classic. No result would shock but I can see the fight going the distance and the Melbournian getting the decision.

Jayde Mitchell, Super Middleweight – Record: Debut

Broadhurst SD10 Caparello: I really don’t know. I genuinely have this as a 50/50 fight and I continually change my mind. Today I think I’m going Trent by a razor-thin decision as he is a more aggressive fighter. If Blake can’t hurt Trent I see him getting outworked in a super competitive fight.

But ask me tomorrow, I might swing back to Blake. I love this fight.

Adam Wilcock, Promoter/Manager – Record: 18-13

Caparello W10 Broadhurst: Caparello points win. Could genuinely go either way. Both boys beaten everyone Australia has to offer, but missed a gear when stepping up to the very best at top international level. Caparello defensively excellent, Broadhurst coming off a devastating loss. That’s the difference for me.

Dan Attias, Columnist – Record: 5-2

Caparello W10 Broadhurst: Both Trent Broadhurst and Blake Caparello will be desperate to get their respective careers back on track after last start losses but I feel as though the preparation and the quality of opposition faced puts Caparello at a distinct advantage here.

He has the skills to out box Broadhurst but his lack of power could well be his undoing. Look for Broadhurst to take the fight to ‘Il Capo’ early on before the experience of the Victorian shines through. Caparello to win by the slightest of margins.

Chris McCullen, Broadhurst’s Trainer – Record: 5-6

Broadhurst TKO Caparello: Trent is actually a naturally lefty, so he will box as a southpaw which brings the right hand jab into play. So there will be plenty of work from the front hand!

Blake is a great follower of fighting to a plan or the style in front of him, so he is a very difficult task for anyone. Trent is ready for a tactical fight and he’s ready if Blake wants to stand and fight. This is the best shape I’ve seen Trent in as he knows it’s make or break.

Obviously I’m going with Trent and if he can catch Blake, he’ll put him away, so I’ll go with a late stoppage. Good luck to Team Caparello.

Luke Jackson, Featherweight – Record: 3-2

Broadhurst TKO Caparello: This is a great fight for Australian boxing. Blake is a very good fighter that has fought some of the best in the world. I was in the amateurs with Trent and when this guy is on he can beat anyone. He is a tremendous talent and I think he wins this fight.

Cody Kaye, Journalist for Fox Sports – Record: 7-5

Broadhurst TKO Caparello: This is exactly the kind of domestic fight Australian boxing needs. Caparello and Broadhurst, alongside Damien Hooper, are far and away the best light heavyweights in the country, and considering both are coming off disappointing losses, this is a must win fight for both if they’re to get back in world title contention.

Caparello is a solid, sharp boxer, and it’ll be hard to split them early on. But if Broadhurst can get over the mental hurdle of his loss to Bivol, I think he’ll be too strong over the latter stages.

Sam Labruna, Caparello’s Trainer – Record: 14-8

Caparello TKO6 Broadhurst: This fight should of happened a few years back, but for one reason or another it didn’t. I believe Blake will make amends for his last performance.

I think Blake has fought the better opposition in his career and it’s going to show on fight night. Blake by stoppage within six rounds.

Brendan Bourke, Manager/Advisor to DiBella Entertainment – Record: 18-8

Caparello W10 Broadhurst: Firstly, I’m really excited about this fight! Two of the best light heavyweights in the country putting their careers on the line. As Blake’s co-manager, naturally I’m picking him to win. I’d like to say thanks to Trent and team for agreeing to this great fight for Aussie boxing.

Adam Santarossa, Journalist for News.com.au – Record: 9-5

Broadhurst W10 Caparello: This is such an intriguing fight and credit to both guys for taking this on. Both coming off losses, it shows their intent to get right back up in the title picture.

I like Broadhurst in this one, he ran into a steaming train in Bivol and he won’t be the first to suffer that fate. It was a speed bump but I was impressed with what he had built to that point. I think he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve then Caparello and I can see him taking a pretty close decision.

Gareth Williams, Trainer – Record: 15-10

Broadhurst TKO Caparello: I have been watching both Blake and Trent for a long time and I believe the fight could go either of two ways. It either ends being a points victory to Blake or stoppage win for Trent.

Trent is a world class boxer who knows this is probably his last shot at the big fights, so I expect a big performance from him. Blake is a very good boxer who has been in with better opposition, with excellent defence and a southpaw style that can be hard to deal with. It’s a tough one, but I’ll look to Broadhurst for the win.

Brett Bonetti, Journalist for 6PR – Record: 8-4

Broadhurst W10 Caparello: This will be a close fight. Both guys coming off a loss, they will be keen to bounce back to the winners column. Broadhurst is a good boxer, but Caparello will give him heaps of awkwardness. With a lot on the line here, I’m predicting Broadhurst in a close points decision.

Lincoln Hudson, Trainer – Record: 18-10

Caparello W10 Broadhurst What a great fight. When you look at the fight on paper, it gets hard to predict a winner. Blake does some wonderful work, at times and you think he might win a world title. Trent has shown huge talent but when he’s needed it, the light has flickered.

It’s difficult to decide, but I think in the end, this fight is who about wants it the most.

George Reno, Trainer – Record: 18-7

Caparello W10 Broadhurst: This is a great. I think Caparello with his southpaw style will win on points. I think he’s too slick and will outbox Broadhurst.

The ‘Make or Break’ card headlined by Blake Caparello and Trent Broadhurst will be live streamed from 7.00pm EST here.

Photo: Marty’s Knockout Photography