Adam Wilcock reviews Jackson journey to gold Adam Wilcock reviews Jackson journey to gold
THE collaborative approach shared by Luke Jackson and his team have allowed the Tasmanian to reach lofty heights. With his maiden world title challenge... Adam Wilcock reviews Jackson journey to gold

THE collaborative approach shared by Luke Jackson and his team have allowed the Tasmanian to reach lofty heights.

With his maiden world title challenge days away, Jackson’s long-time promoter Adam Wilcock of Fightcard Promotions recaps the unbeaten featherweight’s fast rise to world level honours.

“I’ve always maintained it’s important that boxers know where they are headed and know their goals,” said Wilcock to Aus-Boxing.

“Luke’s career has blossomed over the journey, from debut to now. Initially focused on a sole goal of being an Australian professional champion, the picture changed pretty quickly as Luke settled into the professional ranks.”

“Personally by relationship with Luke is far more than just a promoter, so to see him reach this level is very satisfying both personally and professionally.”

Although Australian boxing has enjoyed plenty of mainstream coverage over the last twelve months, primarily due to the herculean efforts of former WBO welterweight ruler Jeff Horn, Wilcock concedes that the magnitude of Jackson’s looming challenge hasn’t been recognised.

“I think at times we operate in a bubble in Australia in terms of appreciating boxing,” he explained.

“Those within the industry or close proximity do appreciate the sport, but let’s face it, by a broader society and mainstream media it’s treated as the poor relation that nobody really wants to know.”

“The exposure, media and standing that this fight has in the UK is first class. Coverage and advertising is all over every media outlet and every news station.”

“There will be 24,000 attending on Saturday [at Windsor Park], TV coverage on massive platforms in the UK, across Europe and the US; doesn’t get any bigger. Tyson Fury is on the undercard, just think about that for a minute, puts into perspective this fight and the size of the event.”

Given the closely-knit nature of his relationship with Jackson, Wilcock understandably holds his fighter in the highest of regards. When probed on the example that Jackson sets for the next generation, his promoter offered an apt explanation.

“Luke Jackson is the perfect role model boxer,” he quipped.

“As a parent if my son wanted to box, he should look towards Luke. As a professional boxer in Australia, you should look towards Luke and follow his path. As anybody looking for or needing motivation in any area of life, you should look to Luke.”

“The profile he has is a result of his hard work and determination.”

“Fox Sports are showing the fight live on Sunday, so hopefully a win will be showcased not only on Fox but other mainstream networks. But there’s no doubting that a win Saturday will get the attention it deserves by international outlets and the boxing fraternity at a world level.”

“Frampton is world class, both in and out of the ring,” he concluded.

“Having already been in the opposite corner once, I’ve seen that first hand. The city, the country and the whole of Ireland are behind Carl and this show.”

“It’s not only his dream to fight at Windsor Park, but it’s the dream of every Irish fighter alive to showcase such a massive show in their homeland.”

“Boxing is so big in Ireland and the UK, it’s no surprise it’s going to be sold out.”

If Jackson can upset the odds and leave Windsor Park with a version of the WBO featherweight championship, Wilcock is hopeful that the Australian public will recognize the achievement, mirroring the publicity received by Jeff Horn.

“Yes, without a doubt, I think they will.” he said.

“Look at the starting points. Prior to beating Manny, Jeff Horn was still largely unknown.”

“But Luke is already a big name within social media circles. When he wins I’m sure he too can make the jump into mainstream sporting recognition, following the flawless lead given by Jeff.”

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