Blake Wells determined to fast-track progress

HAPPY and dangerous are words that no fighter wants to associate with Blake Wells.

After a three-year absence from the sport, one of the best-kept secrets in Australian boxing is ready to relaunch his career in a serious way, continuing on June 1st at The Timber Yard in Port Melbourne.

Having secured two fights in three months, Wells (2-0, 2 KOs) is happy with his progress.

“I’m happy being active, it works better for me staying on track and staying fit,” he told Aus-Boxing.

“At this stage, I’m really trying to make up for lost time with all the injuries and time off.

“I couldn’t be happier with how I’m travelling. Everything is a lot smoother and my sparring is good.”

The Bairnsdale-resident first made headlines shortly before his professional debut in 2015, after flooring Anthony Mundine in an infamous sparring session in Redfern.

Now back home in regional Victoria after several years based interstate, the quietly spoken slugger is determined to gain attention for his punch-for-pay accolades.

Despite moving back home to work with long-time trainer and mentor Paul ‘Turk’ Carroll, Wells insists that his time interstate was well worth it.

“I moved home because it suits my lifestyle better,” he explained.

“Even though I learnt a lot from travelling, I’m much happier in Bairnsdale, which counts for a lot.

“Looking back, I think it was good to get away and get out of my comfort zone. When I was training in Sydney with Lincoln Hudson, my technique went to another level.

“It was a great learning experience for me, an apprenticeship if you will.

“My trainer ‘Turk’ is like a second dad to me, really. He does everything, goes above and beyond at all times and we have a great relationship.”

With his professional career poised to reach new heights under current promoter and fellow Bairnsdale native Will Tomlinson, Wells couldn’t be more grateful for the pairing.

“We’re both Bairnsdale boys, I started up staying with him and he looked after me while I was in Sydney,” he added.

“He’s my promoter now and we see eye-to-eye a lot more, and we’re working a lot better than what we did as two fighters.

“I guess in that environment up in Sydney, we were just two fighters. He was busy training and I was busy as well, but right now I think the balance is perfect.

“Will has been good to me, he helps with things like organising sparring, even though there is a good pool of fighters here.

“I do have the rounds when I need them here, we just make it to Melbourne whenever we can.

“Will has made the transition very easy for me, I’m surprised. I was sceptical at the start due to the politics, being hard to get fights. He’s made it smooth sailing.”

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The life of a fighter can be untenable at times, as combatants face a myriad of challenges ahead of fight night.

For Wells, his long-awaited return proved to a battle with the scales, having blown out well beyond traditional fighting shape at super middleweight.

“I blew out to 100 kilos when I wasn’t training and injured,” he quipped.

“We are slowly making our way back down, as was the case for my first fight back in March. The plan is to be back at super middleweight by the end of the year.”

When assessing the domestic landscape of the stacked super middleweight division, topped by the likes of Jayde Mitchell, Rohan Murdock and Zac Dunn, Wells sees a big gap in talent.

“I feel like there’s a big difference between the top two or three guys and the top ten. I want the Aussie title around around my waist,” he concluded.

“Obviously Bilal Akkawy is another, he’s been over with Canelo, he’s a stand-out too, as is Jayde Mitchell, Zac Dunn and Rohan Murdock. There’s a couple floating around.

“I think they’re all at a reasonable level, but not standing out. But neither stands over another. For me, I just need to stay active, and make up for lost time.

“I just want to be the best I can be. I was really relaxed and I enjoyed fight night last time, it’s my favourite part.

“On the night, I think I take it to another level under the lights. I’m always going to be an exciting fighter to watch, as I try to be.

“My goal is to keep winning and work my way back down to where I should be, at super middleweight.”

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