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Tim Tszyu unfazed by ‘nervous’ Ritchie

Tim Tszyu unfazed by ‘nervous’ Ritchie

TIM Tszyu’s dream is slowly becoming a reality.

Tszyu (13-0, 10 KOs) is headlining his second consecutive pay-per-view card of 2019 when he takes on Victorian Dwight Ritchie (19-1, 2 KOs) on the stacked No Limit Boxing card on August 14th in Sydney.

This newfound status as one of the countries biggest boxing draw cards is testament to his pulling power domestically and it’s something that the 24-year-old from Sydney is well and truly excited about.

“The fights are getting bigger and bigger in my career and that’s what you want,” Tszyu tells Aus-Boxing.

“The ultimate goal is to reach a world title but now everyone is tuning in all around the world, there’s bigger venues, better opponents so yeah its just become much more interesting now.”

To add to his domestic ascent, Tszyu has also made his presence known on the world stage having recently spent time training in the Philippines with none other than future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao.

The experience well used as a barometer for Tszyu’s progression in the professional ranks.

“It allowed me to know where I am in my career and if I can compete with the big boys,” Tszyu said.

“Spending time with Manny was a real eye opener and I got to test myself to see what level I’m at.”

While it’s clear that the budding career of the young Sydney-sider is yet to fully flourish, he’s hopeful that Ritchie will give him a stern test in what should be his toughest fight to date.

“I want him to be the best Dwight Ritchie he can be,” says Tszyu.

“That’s what I want in my career, the best possible fights and the toughest fights so that I can adapt and be able to overcome.”


The spotlight in recent weeks has been firmly on both Tszyu and his opponent Ritchie and the talk between both men has intensified.

Ritchie went on record stating that Tim is the ‘home brand’ version of his famous father, a statement that Tszyu claims was brought about by nerves in the lead up to the fight.

“I’m just going to let him talk,” Tszyu responded.

“When people get nervous they start acting different and start saying things that they know they shouldn’t.

“Let him talk it up, I’ve been training hard for this and I can’t wait to get in there.”

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Despite the expectations that having a name synonymous with Australian boxing greatness brings, Tim is starting to feel he’s gaining respect for his own achievements in the ring and not just for his famous last name.

“That was always one of my goals, to get out of the limelight of being my Dad’s son and I think I have,” states Tszyu.

“I’m the Australian champion, my Dad’s not.I’m ranked number 12 in the IBF and again that’s not my Dad, that’s me.

“People are recognising me for my own achievements.”

If the recent buzz surrounding the career of Tszyu is anything to go by, he’s well on his way to becoming a star in Australian boxing but there’s still plenty of questions left to be answered about how far he can go.

Despite such musings, it’s clear that beating Dwight Ritchie is the only thing on his mind right now.

“The last ten weeks the only person that’s been on mind is him,” Tszyu says.

“He can say what he wants, I don’t even bother worrying about it.

“The difference will be that I want to win more than him and I’m going to show through my hard work that I want it much more.”

Words: Dan Attias/Follow Dan on Twitter
Photo: Louie Abigail/Photography by Rockfingrz

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