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Australia’s pound-for-pound ten most destructive punchers

Australia’s pound-for-pound ten most destructive punchers

BOXING is a sport of nuance and guile, as well as speed and timing.

For fans of the sport, the skill and bravery required of its combatants is almost otherworldly. But if you ask any boxing fan what they truly crave — the most likely response will be that of a knockout.

Many of the sport’s great minds believe that punchers are made, not born but we’re not here to seek the source of such power, we merely want to quantify and rank it.

Australian boxing certainly has some heavy hitters in its ranks right now, so without further ado let’s get to the top ten most destructive punchers in the game in 2020.

1. Jason Moloney (20-1, 17 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 80.95%

Highlight Reel KO: Dixon Flores

Moloney vs. Flores | Highlights

A gruesome shot to the liver by Jason Moloney.

Is there a better active body puncher in Australian boxing?

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Posted by Aus-Boxing on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Moloney’s return from his sole loss saw him at his power punching best when he made light work of three successive opponents. His most recent victory against Dixon Flores was a display of power rarely seen in the bantamweight division from a fighter not named Naoya Inoue.

The former world title challenger tops the list for his high knockout percentage combined with the quality of opponent he has stopped in his 21 fight career.

Ben Damon says:

“Jason Moloney’s destruction of Dixon Flores in Melbourne was a contender for the knockout of 2019 in Australian boxing – a perfect body shot off the back of a relentless beat down against a quality opponent.

“With 17 stoppages in 20 wins, Jason is a tough and dynamic boxer, a compelling, ‘must watch’ fighter and a little guy with big power, poised to take on the world.”

2. Brock Jarvis (17-0, 15 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 88.24%

Highlight-Reel KO: Philip Luis Cuerdo

Picking a highlight thus far in Jarvis’ young career is like drawing a number from a hat.

The humble prospect as destroyed just about everyone that’s been put in front of him but his recent victory over Philip Luis Cuerdo was a clinic on how to punch the body with intent and the way in which he folded Cuerdo was impressive to say the least.

Ben Damon says:

“Brock Jarvis is a brutal enigma. At 170 centimetres he dwarfs most rival super bantamweights, and even featherweights, yet it is his impeccable body punching that consistently folds those smaller opponents.

“Brock has had 15 stoppages in 17 fights, and nine of those have been in the first round. He has all the ingredients to be a boxing superstar, including that vital dose of power.”

3. Lucas Browne (29-2, 25 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 80.65%

Highlight-Reel KO: Ruslan Chagaev

Undoubtedly the biggest moment of Browne’s career came when he climbed off the canvas to stop Ruslan Chagaev in Grozny, Chechnya to lift a version of the WBA heavyweight title.

Browne had been outclassed up until that unforgettable tenth round when he showed his truly world class heavyweight power.

Ben Damon says:

“Lucas Browne has world class power as was most excitingly on display when he climbed off the canvas in Chechnya to produce an enormous right hand, followed by a dozen or so more, and claim a version of the heavyweight world title.

“Since then Lucas’ career has been a sea of frustration but at 40 years of age he still has the power, and with that comes the capacity to knock out anyone in the sport.”

4. Jai Opetaia (19-0, 15 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 78.95%

Highlight-Reel KO: Lukas Paszkowsky

Opetaia’s recent stoppage of Mark Flanagan, a man who former world champion Denis Lebedev couldn’t stop proves Opetaia has the punching power to inflict severe punishment on his opponents.

No one knows this more than Lukas Paszkowsy, who felt the full brunt of Opetaia’s power, when he was bludgeoned in the second round of their bout before the referee ultimately stepped in to end the carnage.

Ben Damon says:

“Jai Opetaia has always been prodigiously talented boxer. He has cruised through his professional career to date, picking apart every opponent put in front of him, but it wasn’t until he faced his destiny against Mark Flanagan that we were introduced to the real Jai Opetaia.

“In that fight Jai brought an aggressive, relentless style, an explosively powerful left hand. At just 24 years of age Jai has now truly arrived and the next chapter should be deliriously exciting.”

5. Tim Tszyu (15-0, 11 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 73.33%

Highlight-Reel KO: Marcos Cornejo

Right or wrong, Tszyu’s power will always be compared to that of his father.

Whilst the jury is still out on just how well he compares to the great Kostya, Tim has proven that with each successive fight that his power and timing are getting better and better with age.

His victory over Jack Brubaker late last year is testament to that but for pure power punching entertainment it’s hard to go past Tszyu’s stoppage of Marcos Cornejo back in September of 2018.

Ben Damon says:

“Tim Tszyu has punching power in his blood. He is patient, precise and merciless and the emerging star of Australian boxing is still learning on the job.

“Tim’s three pay-per-view headline opportunities have tested his quality and he’s passed with flying colours, and destructively so in his most recent bout against Jack Brubaker where he showed there may not be a more accurate puncher in Australian boxing.”

6. Andrew Moloney (21-0, 14 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 66.67%

Highlight-Reel KO: Miguel Gonzalez

Andrew, like his brother Jason, has been in with some of the world’s elite talent in his respective weight class.

With 14 knockouts to his name against such opposition, it’s hard to not have him on this list. His stoppage over Miguel Gonzalez in what was a world title eliminator was a display of power and aggression not often seen at super flyweight.

Ben Damon says:

“World champion Andrew Moloney has the full kit of punches and loves showing them off. He went left hook crazy in his world title eliminator in Chile last year, and was rewarded with the knockout of the year in Australian boxing, but he’s just as content rendering opponents unconscious with his right.

“Basically, if one of the twins is fighting, you don’t want to miss it and you cannot look away.”

7. Liam Wilson (6-0, 4 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 66.67%

Highlight-Reel KO: Jesus Cuadro

Wilson may have very little in the way of a professional career as yet but his left hook destruction of Jesus Cuadro is more than enough to see him on this list.

The durable Cuadro had never been stopped before in 24 fights but Wilson’s punching power was enough to render him completely bereft of his senses.

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Ben Damon says:

“There haven’t been many more stunning arrivals in the history of Australian boxing than Liam Wilson’s against Jesus Cuadro earlier this year.

“Liam was having his sixth professional fight, Cuadro his 25th and had just lost via majority-decision to world champion JoJo Diaz. The young Aussie dropped Cuadro early then stopped him with a left hook as aesthetically pleasing as you’ll see.

“It was a punch inspired by Liam’s viewing of Joe Frazier highlights on YouTube and perhaps in years to come aspiring professionals will be searching the name ‘Liam Wilson’ for their own fix of pugilistic porn.”

8. Zac Dunn (29-1, 24 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 80%

Highlight-Reel KO: Rogerio Damasco

Zac Dunn has amassed an impressive highlights package of bone-crunching knockouts in his thirty fight career but none more exciting than his first round demolition of Rogerio Damasco.

Dunn’s overhand right was enough to put Damasco to sleep and was one of the more shocking knockouts of recent times.

Ben Damon says:

“If the boxing world wasn’t on hold, Zac Dunn could be an interim world champion by now.

“His postponed step up to light heavyweight against German Dominic Boesel will ideally come later in 2020 and Zac’s impressive knockout ratio gives him his strongest chance of victory in that fight.

“With 24 stoppages in 29 wins Zac is a banger and his career to date has been punctuated by brutal beat downs.”

9. Bilal Akkawy (20-1-1, 16 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 72.73%

Highlight-Reel KO: Mick Jones

Akkawy’s powerful style was enough for none other than Canelo Alvarez’s trainer, Eddy Reynoso to take notice.

There is little footage available online of the big hitting super middleweight but his pro debut against Mick Jones back in 2013 was as devastating a finish as you’ll see. Every time Akkawy steps in to the ring he is a must-see attraction.

Ben Damon says:

“Bilal Akkawy’s greatest strength is his power. He’s a big super middleweight who throws with world class intent and if he hits you clean you are likely not getting up.

“At just 26 years of age Bilal is in the midst of a protracted hiatus which follows his lone professional loss, but when boxing does return we hope the exciting next stage of Bilal’s career will take place in full view of the Australian viewing public.”

10. Kye MacKenzie (21-2, 17 KOs)
Knockout percentage – 73.91%

Highlight-Reel KO: Dylan Emery

MacKenzie’s 17 knockouts in 21 victories is testament to his spectacular punching power but his stoppage of Dylan Emery at super lightweight – two weight classes above his normal fighting weight – shows just how big of a puncher MacKenzie is in Australian boxing circles.

Ben Damon says:

“Kye MacKenzie calls himself Mr Frenzy, and that’s the way he fights. Kye is a frenetic flash of pure punching and when he’s dedicated to the sport he’s a brilliant fighter to watch.

“He’s one of the leading names in a stacked lightweight division and Kye’s class and power have him right in the fight in any of the domestic showdowns that could be made.”

Words: Dan Attias/Follow Dan on Twitter
Photo: Getty Images

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