After 23 years preparation, Sam Soliman gets his world title shot

AUSTRALIA’S IBF middleweight #1 contender, Sam Soliman, will fight current world champion, Felix Sturm for the IBF Middleweight World Title in Germany on Saturday, May 31.

“Getting a world title bout is like climbing Mt Everest. It’s taken me 23 years. You get to base camp and line up at the foot of the summit for your turn to conquer the peak.”

“I’ve paid my dues, and I’m ready. I couldn’t have said that five years ago, but now I can. I’m fighting smarter, and I’m jumping out of my skin to hear the referee say: seconds out.”

“My mission is to bring the IBF Middleweight World Title back to Australia.”

The IBF boasts World Champions that include: Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, George Forman, Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins and Marvin Hagler.

“This is the title I have been chasing, taking my chances, and earning my #1 contender position,” Soliman said. “A little over 12 months ago I went over to Germany and beat Felix, winning that fight in an unanimous decision.”

“I am under no illusions about the task ahead. I know Felix is going to be more prepared and ready for me this time, but I and my team also learnt a lot from our last bout.”

”I haven’t been beaten by anyone since 2008, and I am defending that achievement as well as realising my life-­‐long ambition of fighting for a world title.”

Sam’s life‐long trainer Dave Hedgcock said: “Boxing fans acknowledged Sam’s fight against Felix last time out as the comeback fight of 2012, when Sam pulled himself off the canvas in the second round and went on to win unanimously. We head to Germany this time to defend that position and realise 23 years effort by bringing home a world title.”

Soliman’s manager, David Stanley said: “Team Soliman are pleased that Germany’s Sturm Box Promotions, SAT 1 and UFA Sports acknowledged Sam’s IBF mandatory entitlement.”

“We are looking forward to meeting Team Sturm again on their home turf. Last trip, Team Sturm and Germany welcomed us, and UFA Sport were great hosts. Sam’s German fan base and network have worked hard with us to get to this point.”

Words: Media Release

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