Arlene Blencowe – “I’ll box smart and leave everything I have in the ring”

ON paper, Arlene Blencowe doesn’t sport the most truthful of resumes.

To the outsider looking in, her record reads as a modest 2-3, but in reality, Blencowe is a former WIBA light welterweight world title holder and signed on the books of arguably the second biggest mixed martial arts organisation in the world, Bellator MMA.

Tonight she faces former WBO world champion Erin McGowan in Perth, hoping to best her previous high as a professional when she beat talented Kiwi Daniella Smith last year to earn her first world title.

“The titles I won last year against Daniella are by far the highlight of my boxing career to date,” said Blencowe in an exclusive interview with Aus-Boxing. “A win over Erin would make a me a WIBA world champion in two different weight divisions.”

“If I win, to be holding a current world title in boxing is moving me one step closer to a career goal of mine which is to hold a world title in both MMA and boxing. Having been signed to Bellator MMA and fighting on their promotion next year, I’ll be chasing that world title belt as well.”

For this fight, Blencowe has continued to work with her original trainer Mark Grech from Toe The Line in Sydney. Grech is best known for his work with super featherweight prospect and former Australian champion Valentine Borg. Blencowe credits Grech for recent improvements made in her fighting style as well as their unique bond.

“Mark and I worked together while I was an amateur boxer. He cornered the majority of my fights that I had as an amateur before I turned professional in 2012,” said Blencowe. “I have been under his guidance now for the past six months, although he has always been in the picture with what has happening with my career.”

“I live four hours north of Sydney so I’ve been doing week on week off in Sydney at Toe The Line and the improvements I feel are phenomenal,” Blencowe explained. “He is one incredibly knowledgeable trainer and I have the utmost respect for him as my coach,”

“I’m feeling very blessed to be part of the team and be around the quality boxers that are there.”

“Mark is my boxing trainer, manager and good friend. He is the man that makes things happen. I can’t wait to win this world title with him beside me,”

Despite her fan-friendly style and ability to break numerous styles down, Blencowe has been on the receiving end of two highly questionable decisions of late.

The first came in February, where Blencowe lost an Australian lightweight title fight to Sabrina Ostowari in Brisbane, followed by an equally debatable decision loss to Tori Nelson in a WIBA welterweight title fight in September.

For most, it would be easy to lose interest and perhaps consider other options with such devastating back-to-back losses, which really should have been victories. However, Blencowe has used them as driving points to not only improve herself as a fighter, but as a person too.

“I’ve had to show what a great sportsperson I am with taking my past two decisions graciously,” Blencowe explained. “My record has suffered and it definitely doesn’t depict my talent. But let’s hope I can turn it around Friday night,”

When asked if her recent lack of luck on the judges scorecards has motivated her to take action inside of the distance, Blencowe gave a surprising response.

“I don’t go into any fight looking for a knockout, if it happens, it happens. I’ll box smart and leave everything I have in the ring, as I always do.”

It is hard not to admire someone with such a resilient character like the one Arlene Blencowe offers. She fights whoever, whenever and will take them in either combat sport. She credits the large team that supports her as well as the much needed financial backing of sponsors for her continued spirited efforts inside both the cage and the ring.

“My MMA coach Tama Tehuna, MMA manager Chris Vendor and my strength/conditioning coach Tony Keihne deserve a lot of credit,” Blencowe added. “My sponsors who help keep everything going are Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club, Outlast Nutrition, Enriched Health, Photography by Linda, Taneasy Penrith and Precise Ink, I’m very thankful for their support.”

But when asked what her biggest driving force to succeed were, Blencowe made it clear that it was her children.

“My two biggest fans, my children Kaylah and Keane. Without realizing, their roles are the most important.” Blencowe said in closing.

“They are my motivation and drive to succeed and my fuel to keep going. Especially after setbacks and disappointments like the unfavourable decisions. They teach me to be a better person and to show them how to handle situations like that.”

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