Ben Warburton on life obstacles, Australian title challenge

BEN Warburton has made no secret about his plans to spoil Will Young’s retirement party.

The 27-year-old Sydneysider arrived in Toowoomba earlier this week with his sights firmly set on the Australian super featherweight title.

For Warburton (11-4-1, 6 KOs), tonight’s fight will be the peak of a long road back to the fight game. As he openly admits; life and boxing has never been easy.

“I’ve had my ups and downs like everyone,” said Warburton to Aus-Boxing. “I lived in housing commission my whole childhood. My dad passed when I was 18 and I’ve pretty much lived on my own since then,”

“It all caught up with me around the age of 25 and I struggled with addiction for a few years but I came out the other side and haven’t looked back. I’m feeling great mentally and physically life is good.”

Warburton, who trains under the guidance of emerging teacher Mark Grech at the Jabout Gym in Penrith, has placed an emphasis on scoring a stoppage win tonight.

In his eyes, it reduces the risk that accompanies fighting away from home.

But most importantly, a win brings a shiny green belt to sit alongside his state title for his son Jett to admire.

“I’d love to bring the title back to my son and say daddy did it,” he continued. “My son is getting to that age where he understands everything.”

“Apart from that, it’s about taking another step to further my career. I take things one fight at a time and this just happens to be my next fight and the big one,”

When asked if a win over Will Young would be the highlight of his career; Warburton didn’t hesitate.

“Yes, I believe it would be,” he explained.

“I’ve fought some good fighters and Joey Williams was a great win over a experienced guy.”

“But a win in Toowoomba against the defending champion in front of a packed house screaming for my blood would top it,”

“Just talking about it has me pumped,” he concluded. “I can’t wait, it will be hard to top.”

Photo: Kaz Empire



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