Brandon Ogilvie on Kambosos Jr: “George hasn’t fought anybody”

BRANDON Ogilvie continues to throw shade at long-feuding rival George Kambosos Jr. ahead of their salivating showdown on December 2nd.

In a press release issued by his management, Ogilvie (17-1-1, 9 KOs) says that there is no substance behind the words of the Sydney-based Kambosos (10-0, 6 KOs).

“I have heard all his talk, he says he’s going to take my head off. He says he’s going to bash my team but I’m yet to see him back anything up,” stated Ogilvie. “I’ve seen all the talk before when I fought Darragh Foley, but at least Foley was knocking out good fighters, George hasn’t fought anybody.”

Both camps have continued to trade barbs in the buildup to what is arguably the most anticipated fight of the year, which will take place at The Big Top at Sydney’s Luna Park. However, as far as but Ogilvie and his team are concerned, it is business as usual.

“While George is over in America shadow boxing in front of a mirror, Brandon has been training the house down.” continued Ogilvie’s father and trainer Brad. “Come fight night, George is going to be hit so many times, he’ll think he’s surrounded.”

It is widely regarded that the winner of the WBA affiliated regional title fight will be seen as the consensus number one lightweight in the country. But according to Ogilvie’s manager Brendon Bourke, he is adamant that the December 2nd showdown will serve as a springboard to marquee opportunities in the US for the winner.

“I could’ve signed Brandon to a big American promoter after the Foley win,” he explained. “I have knocked back a good offer abroad because Brandon wanted this fight with George more than anything, it’s personal.”

“This fight is building nicely and we are in a good place. Thank you to Whack Promotions for putting on this great fight between the two best lightweights in Australia.”

With only a handful of weeks remaining until fight night, the time for the talking to stop is fast approaching.

Photo: Brock Doe Fight Photography