Brock Jarvis on career development, giving exciting performances

THEY say you are only as good as the company you keep.

If this is truly the case, Sydney-based pocket dynamo Brock Jarvis finds himself in a great position. The softly spoken prospect has been given the privilege of learning from boxing royalty in the form of Jeff Fenech, a fighter who most see as the best talent ever produced on these shores.

Ahead of his eleventh professional fight against Ghalatry Sonny (5-3, 3 KOs) at Melbourne Park Function Centre for Hosking Promotions on Saturday night, Jarvis (10-0, 9 KOs) admits that the fighter/trainer bond that he shares with Fenech is one he values more than anything else.

“The bond between a fighter and a trainer should be everything,” said Jarvis in an interview with Aus-Boxing. “If you don’t get along with your trainer – I don’t think you are going to go too far – it’s all about having the right people around you. I’m very lucky.”

“I just do what Jeff tells me. If he wants me to fight everyday – I’d fight everyday – I just keep working hard. You have to be disciplined in this sport, it’s not easy. I’m willing to do whatever it takes.”

Despite having a limited amateur background, the dexterous 19-year-old has flourished as a professional – finishing all of but one of his opponents – including a career best first round finish over Rasmanudin on the Pacquiao vs. Horn undercard last month.

Further to this, Jarvis has already competed in three countries since turning professional in 2015, including appearances in Mexico, Thailand and of course, Australia. Providing he is successful on Saturday night, Jarvis will return to action in Samoa in September, which will be his fourth country in just twelve fights. Remarkably, Jarvis has competed in Australia just five times.

As Jarvis notes, with a limited apprenticeship as an amateur, he needs all the rounds that he can get. Given that he has only gone past two rounds once, being his professional debut almost two years ago, Jarvis wants to make the most of every opportunity he gets to step between the ropes.

Having already secured four fights for the year, Jarvis is hopeful that he can remain fresh and compete as much as he can before the year is out, while he continues to refine his skill-set.

“I didn’t have much of an amateur career, I only had thirteen fights” explained Jarvis. “That’s why we do a lot of sparring, that’s the best experience that I’m going to get. I’ve been finishing off fights quite early so it makes it easier to fight more often. Depending on how this one goes, I may still fight another two times this year.”

Given his age and relative inexperience, Jarvis is still finding himself in the paid ranks. With such progression comes experimentation with his weight, with Jarvis flirting between appearances at bantamweight and super flyweight. With both divisions stacked at world level, Jarvis is happy to experiment with both while he still can.

“I don’t have any problems making bantamweight and I’ve had a few fights at super flyweight as well,” he added. “I think going forward – if there are any titles involved – I’d be going at super flyweight. If I’m not struggling to make bantamweight, so why not push myself to go at a lower weight.”

“The super flyweight division is really hot; there are some great fighters there. There is a lot going on.”

One of the many luxuries of being affiliated with an influential figure like Fenech, is the opportunity to fight on marquee cards. And while Jarvis didn’t feature on the televised undercard of Jeff Horn’s famous win over Manny Pacquiao, Jarvis was still delighted to take part in such a landmark event.

“It was just amazing, it was the best weekend of my life,” he quipped. “Meeting the people I met, obviously fighting and getting the win. I worked real hard, that fight I was really focused and I had a lot of people congratulate me. It was a good feeling. I got quite a lot of exposure, I was really lucky to get on that card.”

The beauty of this game is that no polish, shine or wisdom can stop the cream from ultimately rising to the top. Jarvis knows that he is in a position of privilege, but wants to earn his mantle as one to watch in a crowded domestic landscape filled with prodigious talents.

“For me, as soon as the bell rings I just want to win – no one wants to lose – and everyone wants to win a world title,” he concluded. “I just get in there and do what I train to do.”

“I want to give everyone an exciting fight. I want everyone to love watching me.”

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Photo: Louie Abigail