Christian Ennor on Soliman camp: “This camp has been the best ever”

IN a handful of hours, Sam Soliman will roll the dice on his professional career.

Just eight months after Soliman suffered a potential career-ending knee injury as well as losing his coveted IBF middleweight title, he returns to face undefeated prospect Dominic Wade in Washington.

Last night, Soliman’s head trainer Christian Ennor took time to speak with Aus-Boxing about their preparation for the most important fight of his career to date.

“Sam had a serious injury, most athletes would of ended their career after an injury like that,” said Ennor in an exclusive interview with Aus-Boxing.

“It was with the help of professionals and to Sam’s dedication and never quit attitude that the rehab went better than planned,”

“It was slow at the start but he told me when he was confident to start the process of getting him ready,”

Soliman, 41, and his team have spent several weeks in the US, initially setting up camp in Los Angeles before completing the final stages of his preparation in Washington.

“We have been training out of the Wildcard Gym in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks before we got to Seattle,” Ennor explained. “Sam has a great relationship with Freddie Roach as we have trained out of there before,”

“The trainers and fighters there were amazing – we got some good rounds in – the Wildcard is a special place,”

Despite the relaxed and confident mood throughout the Soliman camp, Ennor acknowledges the make-or-break situation his fighter and close friend finds himself in.

“This fight is do-or-die for us,” Ennor admitted. “If it didn’t go our way then it’s a real hard road to climb especially at his age, when we win tomorrow it’s the first step at Sam becoming a two-time world champion,”

“A lot of people have counted him out and Wade is a heavy favourite but let’s not forget, Sam was winning the Taylor fight before the injury – and we feel we didn’t lose – the title was just taken away temporarily.”

“Motivation is never a factor with Sam,”

“The hard part is keeping him under control and not over training. Sam has had 57 professional fights and even at 41 years old, he loves the sport and the challenge like he did when he was 20,”

“Sam is a one in a million fighter,” said Ennor in closing. “I have never known anyone like him, the toughest man I have ever met and the biggest heart I have ever known,”

“As a coach this camp has been the best ever,”

“We all lived together in a house, were never apart, did the job required and had fun doing it. Everyone was there for each other and it was an honour to be apart of a real team,”

Photo: Provided/SS Promotions



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