Dave Hall on Susie Ramadan training camp for War in the Bool

AS far as Dave Hall is concerned, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We caught up with the head of Burn Boxing and Fitness to discuss Ramadan’s latest training camp.

Ramadan, a former IBF and WBC titleholder, will break an eighteen month hiatus tonight when she faces Hongfah Tor Buamas at the Warnambool Stadium tonight. As for her pairing with Hall, he says it was just good timing.

“One of Susie’s friends was a trainer at my gym,” said Hall to Aus-Boxing.

“She mentioned to me that Susie was getting back into training, we had a chat and it eventuated from there.”

In Ramadan (23-2, 8 KOs), Hall has a fighter that needs very little polish. So when it comes to training and fine tuning their camp, he believes that her experience and great relationship makes the job that much easier.

Every fighter handles a layoff and return to form differently, but for Ramadan, she takes it in her stride.

“We work really well together, just the professional level that she is at has been a great help in the gym with the other fighters. She is real easy to train. She shares her experience with the other fighters too,”

“From my point of view, it’s great to have her around the gym,”

Tonight’s non-title fight against Tor Buamas marks Ramadan’s debut at super flyweight.

As far as Hall is concerned, it was a necessary move given the wealth of opportunities at the weight.

“She has decided to come down in weight,” he explained. “We feel there are a few more opportunities for her and we were able to secure this fight, which is great. The weight isn’t a problem for her,”

When quizzed on his expectations for Ramadan’s return, Hall quipped that Ramadan will surprise many.

“It will be a good change for her, all I can say is she is sharp right now and ready to go. I think a few people will get quite a surprise how good she is going. It’s been easy working on her main attributes,”

“Susie moves well, has good hand speed and she has a lot of skill,” he concluded. “Hopefully we get through this and we will be looking to Lynden to tee up something pretty quick,”

“But we are just aiming to get through this one and see where it leads us.

The eight fight card will be live streamed on Live Boxing and tickets are available here.

Photo: Louie Abigail/Photography by Rockfingrz



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