George Kambosos Jr: “I will be the outright number one in Australia”

FRESH off the biggest win of his professional career, George Kambosos Jr. will continue to target big fights.

The confident and self-assured Kambosos Jr., 22, fought for the final time in 2015 earlier in the month, disposing of an upset minded Joebert De Los Reyes in four rounds at the Alexandria Basketball Stadium in Perry Park.

In an interview with Aus-Boxing, Kambosos Jr. (now 9-0, 5 KOs) recaps his latest win and addresses the mounting speculation in regards to a possible fight with Australian lightweight champion Darragh Foley.

“Taking out Joebert De Los Reyes was the biggest statement to date for my career,” said Kambosos Jr.

“Everyone knows Joebert has gone out and beaten some big names in the lightweight division recently and he is the most dangerous fighter in that division,”

“I prepare like every fight is my last – I knew he would come to this fight prepared – and in condition to fight the best lightweight in this country,”

“My performance on the night as everybody witnessed in a sold-out venue was at an elite level – which nobody in my division is at – I picked Joebert apart and then saw the fear in his eyes,”

“I used my speed, footwork and the power I possess in both my hands and seized on the moment as he was on the back foot,”

“I caught him with a perfectly timed right hand to the temple and as any one knows a clean right hand to the temple scatters your brain tremendously,”

“For all you boxing fans that want to relive the moment it will be televised on Fox Sports,”

Before the reigning PABA lightweight titleholder could celebrate with his team in centre ring, Kambosos Jr. was greeted by an equally brash Darragh Foley, who continued his campaign to lure Kambosos Jr. into a fight.

With that said, before Kambosos Jr. is willing to entertain a possible meeting with his Irish-born counterpart, he insists that Foley (8-1, 6 KOs) has some unfinished business to attend to first.

“Darragh Foley can make as much noise as he wants, but let’s recap history,” he continued.

“Four months ago, De Los Reyes and Foley fought on my undercard on a Neutral Corner Promotions show. He was dropped three times in an excellent performance by De Los Reyes, who was the winner on the night,”

“So as I mentioned in my post-fight interview, I am more than happy to come to an agreement to fight Foley when he avenges his loss to Joebert,”

“As he as stated multiple times in different interviews, he wants to avenge his loss to De Los Reyes. If he achieves that then we have a fight for the Australian boxing fans,”

In the meanwhile, Kambosos Jr. is looking to secure a marquee fight with divisional leader Will Tomlinson, who at this stage has a seemingly endless line of domestic challengers waiting for him.

For Kambosos Jr., a fight against Tomlinson would pit the countries two best lightweights against one another.

“As I’ve stated before and I’ll say it again – I want to fight the number one in this country – who is currently Will Tomlinson. As I am number two, I want to prove who is the best lightweight is,”

“Tomlinson recently said to Aus-Boxing that if he is paid handsomely he will take the fights that boxing fans want to see. I know the majority want to see Kambosos versus Tomlinson, one versus two,”

“There it is in black and white.”

As for his future plans in 2016, Kambosos Jr. is happy to let the dust settle on his most recent victory and wait for his entry into the lightweight world ratings under the umbrella of the WBA.

The Sydney-based prospect has fought three times a year since turning professional in 2013. When quizzed on his activity in the paid ranks, Kambosos Jr. insists that it is all going according to plan.

“I’m currently the PABA champion and I’m awaiting a world rating after a successful defence recently,” he explained.

“I have thirty loyal sponsors who back me financially when I prepare for a fight, so three fights a year early in my professional career is exactly the way my team have set for me to have a very long and successful career,”

“Of the fights I’ve had recently, three out of the four have been scheduled twelve rounders. I don’t see many 22-year-olds fighting twelve rounders this early in their career, so we will continue to take three fights a year,”

“Within twelve months, I will be the outright number one in Australia,” he concluded. “I will be in line for a WBA world title shot, and I will be the most entertaining and talked about fighter in this country,”

“To be honest, I believe after seeing and hearing all the talk about Ferocious, positive or negative, gives me that crown right now,”

Photo: Louie Abigail/Photography by Rockfingrz



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