Jamie Weetch takes aim at Hogan: “His grab and jab is boring”

LIFE outside of boxing was a priority for Jamie Weetch in 2018.

The relocated Welshman has spent the year focusing on things away from the sport, patiently awaiting an opportunity, which has now arisen in the form of Dennis Hogan on December 12th.

Rated fifteenth by the IBF, Weetch (12-2, 5 KOs) has been afforded a major springboard towards bigger fights, which as Weetch admits, is exactly what he needed.

“I knew the end of the year was going to be busy with a real decent fight,” Weetch told Aus-Boxing.

“This year I’ve been inactive really. I got married and focused more on my life than boxing.”

“I wasn’t expecting this fight to be with Hogan to be honest with you. He’s a mandatory now you know? I tip my hat off to the bloke. He could have a shot lined up early next year to fight the champ.”

“For him to choose me for a warm-up fight is a massive risk. I think he has bitten off more than he can chew.”

Although the magnitude of the event isn’t lost on the Perth-based light middleweight, Weetch believes that Hogan and his team have made a mistake in their opponent selection.

“It’s a massive opportunity and I’m glad they picked me,” he continued.

“They think it’s going to be an easy fight and he’ll walk through me and box the head off me. Whatever he wants to do, I’ll give him a lesson in both, so I’m not really worried about it.”

“He doesn’t faze me at all, but I don’t underestimate him at all. He’s got to where he has got to for a reason. He’s number one in the WBO and number three in the IBF for a reason.”

Managing a full-time job alongside a professional boxing career is never easy, with Weetch often working right up until fight night.

But having secured a high-profile fight with Hogan, the assistance of recent sponsors has allowed Weetch to focus solely on training.

“This is the first time I have taken time off work. I usually work up to the day I fight,” Weetch revealed.

“I have a job, I have a house to pay for, and I’ve got food to put on the table. He’s had an easy run you know, don’t get me wrong, he had it hard at the start. But he’s got his sponsors now.”

“Dennis has got money coming in so he doesn’t have to get up in the morning – and do a full day of work – and then go training. I have to do that.”

“But this time I’ve had a bit of luck with a few more sponsors and getting a few weeks off work before the fight to help me prepare. It’s been massive.”

Semantics aside, Weetch has adopted a more simplistic mindset towards beating Hogan. And while camp life has been easier this time around, Weetch believes he is the better overall fighter.

“I just believe I’m much better than Dennis,” he concluded.

“His grab and jab is boring. I’m quite looking forward to the fight, I can’t wait for it. I can’t wait to prove a number of people wrong.”

“I see me just being really busy and giving him a proper beat-down. He’s been talking so much shit on the internet. I liked him before this and he has just annoyed me now.”

“I’m just going to enjoy beating him up. If he is able to stay in there for twelve rounds go on him. He’s gonna get an arse whopping for twelve rounds. I’m gonna hurt him.”

The ‘All or Nothing’ card, headlined by a regional title unification between Dennis Hogan and Jamie Weetch can be watched live here.

Photo: Getty Images