Jayde Mitchell reveals graphic weight-cutting episode

AT some point in time, every fighter has experienced the difficulties associated with cutting weight.

For unified regional titleholder Jayde Mitchell, his most recent weight-cut reached dangerously unfamiliar territory.

Mitchell (20-2, 10 KOs) suffered a defeat for the first time in almost five years, dropping a controversial split decision to lively Hungarian import Istvan Szili on Saturday night.

As he reveals, the ritualistic process of dropping weight wasn’t as easy as he’d previously faced.

“When I cut the weight, my last bit of water weight, I lost consciousness,” he told Hurt Business Radio.

“I was in all sorts. At once stage there, this is how gone I was, I’d just made weight and was 100 grams under… I’ve never felt more helpless in all my life.

“I’ve been through some shit, I said that. All I had to do was get up and walk out of my own power, and I couldn’t do it. I hit the deck.”

Having tipped the scales inside of the super middleweight limit, the 34-year-old believed the hardest part of fight week was now behind him.

However — there was more to come — with the popular Peninsula product shedding light on a scary moment behind closed doors, involving his father and trainer Lenifer Mitchell, and conditioning guru Mitch Cook.

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THANK YOU ALL👊🏼❤️🙌🏼 . They say when you’re winning everyone wants to be your friend and support you. But when you lose, it’s very lonely and very quiet…….. I CALL BULLSHIT!!! . The outcry of support I’ve received has been overwhelming. There is just no way possible I will be able to get back to everyone! We thought we had done enough to get the decision on Saturday night, but it didn’t go our way. I’m a lot better than I showed on the night. The truth is that I had a lot going on in camp, as well as in my personal life. But I truly believed that I’d still be able to push through and beat Szili! . I will give full details on the next episode of Hurt Business Radio, which should be out later in the week! The rematch is already in the works, and I promise to address these issues and right this wrong. I will make good of the opportunities I’ve been given by Dean Lonergan of @dandlevent and Lynden Hosking of @hoskingpromotions . In closing, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, it’s truly inspirational the support from you all! . "MARK MY WORDS, THE COMEBACK WILL BE GREATER THAN THE SET BACK!" . #TeamJMitch #ThankYou #boxing #ozboxing

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“After I made the weight, I was feeling good,” he continued.

“All we’ve got to do now is head back up to the rooms, head back upstairs and go to the weigh-in. We can then rehydrate and refuel. I get off the scales and dad (Len Mitchell) and Mitch (Cook) put my arms over their shoulders, they get under my arms.

“I thought it was a bit dramatic, I thought I was sweet. I was trying to walk. Next minute, I wake up and I’m on my knees and the boys are on their haunches. I was looking at Mitch Cook, but at the time, I didn’t know it was him.

“I was looking at him and I thought it was dad. I was thinking that dad was looking so good… dad’s talking to me and I’m thinking how on earth is he talking to me, but his mouth isn’t moving.

“Anyway, dad’s voice is like ‘Jayde, you’ve got to breathe, Jayde’ — I take a few breaths and it’s actually ‘Cooky’ that I’m looking at — I look to my right and then there is Lenifer.

“When I asked how long I’d been out for, they said it’d been a couple of minutes.”

Looking back on the frightening ordeal, Mitchell believes episodes such as the aforementioned will be a thing of the past.

“I’d never been like this before,” he added.

“It was the most shittest feeling. I was a prisoner in my own body. Watching the interviews back, I look like a very sick man. Just my voice, it was so shallow. I can’t believe I got through it.”

Photo: Marty’s Knockout Photography