Joel Casey on Australian title challenge: “I’m an Aussie battler”

FORMERLY world rated light heavyweight Joel Casey has made a career out of being the underdog.

Whether it be his renowned battles with Zdravko Micevic for the national title, or his stirring upset win over Tim Bell for regional honours. Simply put, the odds have always been against him.

Casey (16-14-3, 10 KOs) will revisit his familiar role as the underdog on Saturday night when he challenges the big-punching Kerry Foley for his Australian light heavyweight title at the North Sydney Rugby League Club.

“I’m an Aussie battler,” said Casey in an interview with Aus-Boxing. “Fighters must fight.”

“I work hard labour through the day and I train late afternoon and night, that’s my motivation.”

“To win the Australian title against a fighter like Foley, it would be up there with the PABA title when I beat Tim Bell,” explained Casey. “It was the fight of the year fight in Melbourne a few years back.”

Casey, now 31, has already faced Foley in the paid ranks. They shared a ring back in 2007, with Foley picking up a decision win. However, it is what Casey has done in the fights since then that he believes will make a difference.

“When I fought Foley the first time, I was young and inexperienced,” Casey continued. “Back then all I knew was to come forward I was a bit like something out of the old Rocky movie,”

“These days I back my ability. I’m experienced, I’ve trained with many good trainers and I know my game.”

Despite dropping five of his last six fights, Casey is adamant that he deserves a second shot at the national strap. Casey cites his experiences against some of the best in this region as the reason why he deserves his shot.

“My thoughts on this fight are that I’m worthy, I’m wanting and I’m built to win. I’m hungry,” added Casey. “Foley’s the current champion. I’m the Aussie battler that’s dedicated and ready to take the title.”

“It won’t be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.”

“Life is full of ups and downs and battlers are forever in some sort of grind.”

“After holding a number of titles and with the many challenges life has put in front of me, I’m back for more and I’m ready for a war. The end result, we will have to wait and see,”

“The fighter I am these days, I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had with this sport and grateful for the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had. I’m aware and I’m not living in dreamland when I fight,”

“You do get hurt, I do fight for bread, so it’s how I feel needing to win. Whatever it takes, especially when the titles on the line,”

Casey talks with the attitude of a man that has nothing to lose. And if history has shown anything, a man with nothing to lose is in most cases, a dangerous man to face.

“I’m sure Foley feels the same. But come Saturday night, two of Australia’s toughest fighters go to battle,”

“There can only be one champion.”

The Foley vs. Casey and Chevalier vs. Singh Australian title doubleheader will be live streamed on Epicentre, costing $14.95

Photo: Louie Abigail/Photography by Rockfingrz



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