Live Blog: Mundine vs. Clottey & Pitt vs. Aloua


Aus-Boxing will have a live blog for round-by-round updates for Mundine vs. Clottey and Pitt vs. Aloua, in what is potentially one of the top Australian doubleheaders for the year.

The main event will roughly start a little after 10:00 p.m. EST.
Undercard Results
Cameron Hammond UD 6 Pramool Boonpok
Renold Quinlan TKO 4 Dechapon Sueunnalird
Ahmed Dib TKO 2 Dennapa Bigshotcamp
George Kambosis Jr KO 1 Thonthai Rajanondh
David Aloua KO 4 Brad Pitt
Joshua Clottey UD 12 Anthony Mundine
Check out the semi-main and main event live blog below.


Brad Pitt (15-0, 12 KOs) vs. David Aloua (10-1, 7 KOs)
12 Rounds, Cruiserweight – OPBF/WBA Pan African/WBO Asia Pacific titles

Round 1: Your typical feeling out round here. Pitt circling from a distance, while Aloua content waiting for an opportunity to counter punch. Battle of gameplans so far – very tentative opening. 10-9 Pitt.

Round 2: A much better round for Aloua. Pitt threw a big right, some smart jabs and body shot – round goes to Pitt 10-9 Pitt

Round 3: Pitt working the body – looking more aggressive this round blood coming from the nose of Aloua, as well as some swelling. Pitt looks very confidence at this point. Pitt 10-9

Round 4: Aloua with a great body combination finished with a left hook. Despite swelling around his left eye, Aloua catches Pitt with a short right-hook on the inside and he is down, face first. Back up at the count of eight, the fight should be called here – Aloua storms in for the finish and renders Pitt unconscious. What an upset! Aloua KO 4.


Anthony Mundine (46-5, 27 KOs) vs. Joshua Clottey (37-4, 22 KOs)
12 Rounds, Light Middleweight – WBA International title

Round 1: Mundine wearing sneakers and not boxing shoes. Both men feeling each other out – Clottey with some body shots. Mundine right hand to the face, Clottey working the body – doubling up with the left hand. Mundine complains of a low shot as Clottey worked the body 10-9 Mundine

Round 2: Clottey working the body. Clottey looks determined to win this one – his left hand working hard. Mundine on the ropes. Mundine warned to ‘watch the elbow’ Clottey right hand, left hook and the left lands flush. Mundine unable to land a clean shot. Mundine warned for hitting Clottey on the back of the head 10-9 Clottey

Round 3: Mundine hurt twice in first minute, Clottey can’t miss with lunging left hook. Mundine respecting Clottey’s power, has nothing behind his shots in this round. Mundine spends the majority of the round on ropes. Mundine down from right hand in closing 10 seconds of the third. Lead right hand. 10-8 Clottey

Round 4: Clottey dominating in fourth. Mundine is gun shy after being buzzed multiple times in the previous round. Mundine circling while he attempts to recover. Mundine’s shoe comes right off in final thirty seconds. 10-9 Clottey

Round 5: Mundine boxing and moving in the fifth. Relatively uneventful round, Mundine avoiding confrontation at all costs and it’s turning the fight into a stinker. 10-9 Mundine

Round 6: Mundine turning to a shoulder roll defense in the sixth, to no avail. Clottey is landing everything. Mundine down again.Mundine down again. Clottey storms in for finish, it’s nearly done. Referee giving Mundine an eternity to rest. The bell saves Mundine 10-8 Clottey

Round 7: Clottey looking for the killer blow. Mundine has taken a lot of punishment. Mundine jabbing and moving for entire round here. Clottey doesn’t have knockout power, but is physically so much stronger. Tape comes loose on Mundine glove – ref giving time. Clottey knows he’s a punch away. 10-9 Mundine

Round 8: Mundine down and on the ropes. Mundine is now bleeding from the lip. Right of Clottey flush on Mundine’s chin, although Mundine replies with a nice combination. Clottey keeping Mundine on the ropes as he works the body. Clottey trying to get in Mundine’s face as the Mundine chant goes up around the crowd. 10-8 Clottey

Round 9: Another Round to Clottey. Mundine is tirelessly working but there’s nothing on his shots. Clottey has the confidence, knowing he’s buzzed Mundine multiple times, hard to see how Mundine turns this around. 10-9 Clottey

Round 10: Mundine survives after looking like he was out. Mundine struggles to walk to his stool. 10-8 Clottey

Round 11: Terrible refereeing at this point. Clottey is being outworked, but he’s effortlessly walking through Mundine’s best work. Mundine might be bigger, but Clottey’s physical strength is levels above Mundine, who is boxing and moving like he thinks he is ahead. Clottey neglecting his defence at this point. 10-9 Mundine

Round 12: Scores are irrelevant. Mundine needs a stoppage to win here. Clottey basically ensuring it goes to twelve rounds as roles have clearly reversed. Moral victory in a sense for Mundine, given that he has somehow gone twelve rounds. If this fight had an International referee – we would’ve been home four rounds ago.

Joshua Clottey UD 12 Anthony Mundine
Scorecard: 116-108, 115-109, 117-108

Image: MAIN EVENT/FOX Sports Venues

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