Louisa Hawton dreams of the green belt

Rightly or wrongly, the name Louisa Hawton might not be a household name.

But the pocket rocket from Western Australia hopes to change that sooner rather than later.

The minimumweight dynamo (4-0, 2 KOs) spoke exclusively to Aus Boxing about her promising career thus far ahead of her fight tomorrow night in Perth on CDL Promotions card against seasoned Filipino campaigner, Jujeath Nagaowa.

She also spoke of her background in combat sports and her hopes to one day secure the all-encompassing green belt, a women’s WBC world title.

Making the transition from an amateur career to a professional one in any terms is a difficult one. Especially difficult if someone has had only the two fights, yet steps up to take on the regular ups and downs of a pro career.

This is exactly what Louisa Hawton has done.

The 30 year-old dynamo from Perth started doing Muay Thai as a fitness tool until she turned to boxing and started an albeit short career in the amateur ranks.

“Yeah I basically just started off using combat sports as a fitness tool. I started with Muay Thai fighting in a fitness class setting and then took to boxing. Like most people in the sport, I guess I get bitten by the bug, and the rest is history.”

“I only had the two fights (two wins) and I just felt with my athleticism and the fact I was a quick learner I should give the professional ranks a go,” Lawton explained.

“I have had four wins from four fights and things are running smoothly so far, which has been very pleasing,”

Guiding the career of the very talented West Australian is highly regarded pad specialist and trainer, Justin Footit. The pair have been working together for about a year now and Lawton said Footit has taken her game to another level.

“Justin has been fantastic,” Lawton said. “We seem to gel very well together and have been working together for about a year now,”

“His knowledge of the sport and his work on the pads has really improved my game and I am very lucky to have him train me,”

Tomorrow night Lawton takes on a seasoned campaigner in strong Filipino slugger, Jujeath Nagaowa who has an experienced 27 fights under her belt. Lawton is under no illusions that this may well be her toughest assignment to date.

“Yeah I think she will really be a test for me. She has fought a few world titles including a WBC and a WIBA title. She is very tough girl so I know I will be in for a challenging fight,” said Lawton.

Asked what she wanted to achieve in her career, Lawton didn’t hide the fact that she has one thing on her mind, a chance to fight for and capture the green belt of the WBC.

“A WBC belt is the ultimate for me. It’s a prestigious title and to win one would be just awesome,”

“I have always dreamt of having one around my waist so until that day comes,” Lawton continued. “I will just keep on working hard doing what I do and hopefully it will all pay off for me in the end,”

In what has been a very promising start to her career and with an attitude and a desire such as hers, Louisa Hawton is definitely a name fight fans need to keep following.

The best is yet to come.

Words: Dan Smart (Follow Dan on Twitter @dansmart76)
Photo: CDL Boxing Promotions


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