Our Experts Decide: Joseph Parker vs. Solomon Haumono

SOLOMON Haumono has an opportunity to secure an unlikely world title shot if he can defeat Joseph Parker.

The hard-hitting Haumono (24-2-2, 21 KOs) will face highly touted heavyweight prospect Joseph Parker (19-0, 16 KOs) for a string of regional titles and will hope to steal the Auckland native’s mandatory position with the IBF.

Aus-Boxing spoke to a group of industry insiders to get their thoughts on who would win and why.

Ben Damon, MAIN EVENT – Record: 14-9

Parker W12 Haumono: Solomon Haumono goes to New Zealand with a punchers chance.

But there is a reason CrownBet have him as a $15 outsider against Joseph Parker. Haumono looked disappointing last time out against Manuel Pucheta, but since then he has been working with LA-based guru Justin Fortune.

It’s expected Haumono will have improved considerably since his latest outing but he will certainly need to against the slick, young Parker. Haumono will need to take Parker deep into the fight, and land with something big.

If not, you’d have to expect Parker to get the points.


Adam Wilcock, Promoter/Manager – Record: 15-9

Parker TKO4 Haumono: The first three or four rounds could be interesting, but without an opening shock, it could well become death by a thousand paper cuts after that. Parker is fit and fast, that will be telling.


Dan Attias, Columnist – Record: Debut

Parker KO Haumono: Solomon Haumono is in for a tough night if the odds are to be believed and whilst he does bring some quality power to the fight, Haumono is a punchers chance at best.

Parker will be too quick and classy for Sol and should win by knockout in the middle rounds.


Chris McCullen, Trainer – Record: 2-2

Parker TKO10 Haumono: Haumono’s best chance is early. He needs to back Parker up with the jab and roll over his big right hand. The longer the fight goes, the more it suits Parker due to Sol’s inactivity over the years.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think Parker wins this on points or even a late stoppage.

Brett Bonetti, Journalist for 6PR/96FM – Record: 6-1

Parker TKO2 Haumono: It would be a massive upset if Haumono was to defeat Parker. His best chance would be an early knockout, but Parker is a class above, and will be too fast and too strong for Haumono.

I think Parker also has too much on the line to lose this one, I think he wins this in two rounds.


Neil Devey, Journalist for The West Australian – Record: 4-1

Haumono KO3 Parker: I can’t see this one going the distance with both men possessing the power to end it with one shot. Parker has so much riding on this fight, with Anthony Joshua on the horizon should he triumph.

But has he really been tested? The same could be said for Joshua, of course, and even Deontay Wilder. That pair are where Parker wants to be, but he may have to take a more circuitous route after this encounter.


Cody Kaye, Journalist for Fox Sports – Record: 5-1

Parker TKO Haumono: At 40 years of age, this is Solomon Haumono’s last chance at earning a potential world title shot. He’s a massive underdog against the undefeated Joseph Parker, and with good reason.

Parker is a beast – and a legitimate contender for a heavyweight crown – he seems destined to win one. Haumono can’t win a boxing match against Parker, but he could win a brawl if he can land that massive overhand right.

Still, I can’t go past the Kiwi.


Phil D. Jay, Editor for World Boxing News – Record: 5-2

Parker KO6 Haumono: Parker will prove too strong for Haumono and take him out in the middle rounds. Parker will want to make a statement before facing Joshua, so I see him winning with a devastating finish to the fight.


Adam Santarossa, Journalist for SportingNews – Record: 6-1

Parker TKO9 Haumono: It’s unbelievable to think Solomon Haumono made his debut on the same night as Anthony Mundine – yet what they achieved in the ring is miles apart – not that Sol didn’t have the talent.

But he had some demons as well, Haumono has always been the ‘what could have been’ and that’s what makes this intriguing. Sol gets his shot, but I think it’s come too late. Parker is a different class, one not truly tested yet.

Haumono has the power to stop anyone, but having seen his recent fights I just don’t think he has what it takes really test Parker. Power is one thing, but Parker is an all-round talent. If Parker fights smart, he’s just too good.


Lincoln Hudson, Trainer – Record: 16-5


Haumono KO Parker: This fight is like a work horse versus a thoroughbred or even wisdom versus youth. This is a great fight, a great opportunity for Haumono – more than most would think – and what dreams are made of.

It can go either way , it all depends on who sets the pace, who dictates the opening moments and who nullifies who early. If Solomon can nullify Joseph’s jab early, than we are in for a fight and maybe even an upset knockout.

With that said, if Joseph nullifies Solomon’s power and strength than I think Haumono is in for a hard day at the office. I would love to see Sol create history and truly be rewarded, but I agree with the hype around Joseph Parker.

I think he is something special and is still young with plenty of time. But when it comes down to it, I think Haumono will cause an upset win and create history and go on to fight for world acclaim against Anthony Joshua.

Sam Labruna, Trainer – Record: 12-4


Parker TKO6 Haumono: This is a great fight for TV; the heavyweight division hasn’t been this exciting for some time. I can’t say I have watched too much of either fighter so I can only go on their last performances.

Haumono looked like he wasn’t finding his timing last time out and he was struggling to pull the trigger. In saying that, he has a good overhand right that could find a home on Parker, who has got to tighten up his defence.

Once again – I can’t sit on the fence – so I’m going for Parker within six rounds.


Brendan Bourke, Manager/Advisor – Record: 16-4

Parker TKO Haumono: The prize on the line is the mandatory for the IBF heavyweight title and a big money fight against Anthony Joshua. Haumono has power to burn and Parker can’t get complacent or he could get caught.

With that in mind, my money is on the younger Parker by stoppage, he’s too fast and too slick.


Matt Clark, Manager/Adviser – Record: 13-2


Parker KO3 Haumono: I can only see this one going one way and that’s with Joseph Parker winning by knockout. I don’t think it’ll take long either, it all just depends on how fast Parker wants to start.


George Reno, Trainer – Record: 14-4

Haumono KO6 Parker: This a do-or-die fight for Solomon Haumono. I know that Joseph Parker is on a roll – but I’m going out on a limb here. I think Haumono will go for broke and cause a big upset by stopping Parker.


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