Our Experts Decide: Miguel Cotto vs. Daniel Geale

FORMER unified IBF/WBA middleweight titlist Daniel Geale has the unique opportunity of becoming Australia’s first ever lineal middleweight champion when he takes on WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto in Brooklyn.

Geale, 34, is yet to win a fight in the US and will be looking to break his duck against Cotto, also 34, who is one of the biggest draws in the sport. The twelve-round title fight has been set at a catchweight of 157 lbs.

Aus-Boxing spoke to a group of industry insiders and got their thoughts on who they thought would win the world title fight and why.

Ben Damon, MAIN EVENT – Record: 10-8

Geale W 12 Cotto: Miguel Cotto is an all-time great, and a certainty for boxing’s Hall of Fame, but he is not a genuine middleweight.

Cotto won the WBC title against the hobbling ghost of the great Sergio Martinez, and he is trying to retain it by forcing his first challenger to do battle with the scales before meeting him in the ring.

Daniel Geale is a genuine middleweight. He’s a two-time world champion (three, if you count the IBO) who ranks alongside Les Darcy and Dave Sands as one of Australia’s greatest ever at 160lbs. Geale is an exquisite boxer, who uses his skills poetically and dismantles opponents with effort and athleticism.

At the full middleweight limit (160 lbs) Geale would look a great chance against Cotto. He has a massive advantage in size and would be able to keep the raging Cotto at bay, boxing his way clear.

The spanner in the works here though is the catchweight of 157lbs, and how Geale has handled the lower weight. All the signs are good so far, with Geale appearing comfortable at the weigh-in.

At his very best Geale can outbox Cotto, stay out of trouble, and cruise to a decisive points victory. And it will need to be decisive, because Cotto is the ultimate ‘A side’ fighter in New York.

My tip; Daniel Geale to beat the weight, the crowd, the referee, the judges, and Miguel Cotto, and box his way to superstardom.

Alex McClintock, Journalist for TQBR/Radio National – Record: 3-0

Geale W 12 Cotto: In the last two years, Miguel Cotto has fought twice against two opponents who had no chance of winning. By getting Daniel Geale to come down to 157, he’s trying to ensure that streak continues.

It’s a big ‘if’, but if Geale manages to recover from the weight cut, I think he has the tools to spring the upset. Give me the Aussie in a close decision.


Adam Wilcock, Promoter/Manager – Record: 12-7

Geale W 12 Cotto: This is a 50/50 fight for me and depends purely on how Daniel Geale fights. Against Golovkin he needed to box smart and move, he didn’t and the ending said it all.

This fight is the same – if he stands in front of Cotto – he’ll get wiped out.

If Geale boxes like he can at his best then he’s a good chance to win. Trout created the perfect plan on how to beat Cotto, Geale just needs to follow it and be patient.


Phil D. Jay, Editor for World Boxing News – Record: 3-0

Cotto UD 12 Geale: I think the fight will be tighter than anticipated due to the weight difference. Having said that, I think Cotto will take control late on and force a late stoppage or maybe even a wide points win.


Nick Walshaw, Journalist for The Daily Telegraph – Record: 1-0

Cotto TKO 10 Geale: Daniel Geale has done more for Australian boxing than he will ever be credited for with that gutsy, energetic style.

However, given the way he was finished last start by GGG we have to pick Cotto – one of the true stars of our generation – who, as usual, will be looking to control distance and tempo.


Brett Bonetti, Journalist/Hulk Talk Radio – Record: 2-1

Cotto TKO 6 Geale: The heart is saying Geale, but the head says he is going to find this challenge too tough. Geale will be the bigger guy and has to use that to his advantage, but I am afraid that the Australian has been held hostage by catchweight.

This weight cut will have Geale drained and affect his game plan. Cotto will wear him down and get the stoppage in round six.


Jake Donovan, Editor for – Record: 3-0

Cotto KO 11 Geale: Even with the catchweight in place, Cotto is in for a fight. Geale will have his say early on, but the effects of cutting so much weight in a short amount of time takes its toll as Cotto’s body attack wears him down.


Adam Santarossa, Journalist for Newcastle Herald – Record: 3-0

Cotto TKO 10 Geale: I think Geale has his work cut out. Geale is known for his workrate and it’s so hard to outwork Cotto. I’m also concerned about the catchweight. It seems it’s been a tough cut for Geale to get to the catch weight & that may effect his ability to fight in his volume punching style.

Which is probably why Cotto’s people insisted on it. All in all, I think Cotto will win a decision, if not a late stoppage.


Lincoln Hudson, Trainer – Record: 12-4

Cotto TKO 10 Geale: This is a great fight with different contrasting styles. This fight will either show the world how good Daniel Geale really is or it will his swan song at world level.

Geale has never ducked or dodged any one and has always looked like he belongs with the best of the best, but this fight will show whether or not he has recovered from the GGG loss.

In saying that, I just think Cotto will be too strong and will wear down Geale’s body. But I hope I’m wrong.


Pat Kennedy, Matchmaker – Record: 1-0


Geale W 12 Cotto: Tough ask for Geale but he has shown that he rises to the occasion when he travels to his opponents backyard. The bookies aren’t giving him much of a chance but I think he is an even money chance to win on points.

The size difference and his high work rate will, hopefully, get him over the line.


Sam Labruna, Trainer – Record: 11-3


Cotto W 12 Geale: How good is it for Australian boxing that we’re back on the big stage again, I can’t wait to watch this fight between Cotto and Geale. I think Geale will make this fight interesting with his style and Cotto will be trying hard to slow him down with some body work.

I’m only leaning towards Cotto because he has shown he can change a few things stylistically during a fight to adapt to different styles. I’m going with Cotto on points in a close fight.

Gareth Williams, Trainer – Record: 12-4


Geale W 12 Cotto: I’m gonna sticky neck out and say this will be Geale’s best performance. I think he’ll come through with a twelve round decision win. He has amazing boxing skills and I believe we will see the best of him.

To be honest, if Geale loses it’s probably going to be his last fight at the elite level, so he will be motivated to cause an upset.

Brendan Bourke, Manager/Advisor – Record: 12-3

Cotto W 12 Geale: Another great fight for Geale and a fantastic job from the team at the Grange for securing a shot at the WBC middleweight title.

Geale has proven that he can win big overseas – so I won’t be surprised if he does pull this off – against the much smaller Cotto. However, I think Cotto will win through his relentless pressure.


Matt Clark, Manager/Advisor – Record: 11-2

Cotto W 12 Geale: I’m torn with who to choose here. I think Geale looked good at the weigh in despite having to come in at 157lbs. He will be the bigger man in there. Cotto will be extremely hard to beat though on what is essentially home turf.

I think the judges will give it to Cotto on points in a hotly disputed decision.

Mike Altamura, Manager/Advisor – Record: 2-0

Geale MD 12 Cotto: This is a terrific clash of styles. The 157 pound catchweight for Geale worries me, as does Cotto’s slashing left hook. But Geale has the skills and ring dexterity to shock Cotto from the outside, and I’m leaning that way.


George Reno, Trainer – Record: 10-3

Cotto W 12 Geale: This is a good fight and I will be watching with interest. In my opinion, it all depends on how Geale comes in mentally after a brutal knockout loss to Golovkin. Even though Cotto may be on the slide, he still wins on points or even a late knockout.

What works in Cotto’s favour is that he is very battle hardened, having fought some of the world’s best. He won’t want to disappoint in front of his home crowd either.


Billy Dib, former IBF featherweight champion – Record: 5-4


Geale W 12 Cotto: This catchweight business is ridiculous. At 157 pounds, it may be an uphill battle for Daniel Geale. If he can replenish well enough, I would like to think the with the weight and size difference, he could spring the upset.

This is going to be hard to pick, but I’m going with the ‘Real Deal’ to win a decision over twelve rounds.


Dennis Hogan, Professional Boxer (Geale’s chief sparring partner) – Record: Debut

Geale MD 12 Cotto: I believe Daniel can win this fight, he is one hundred percent in great shape. He was doing heavy sparring and boxing great – while still bringing down his weight – so come tomorrow when he’s fully fuelled and hydrated, he’s going to be electric and I can’t wait to see it.

Daniel weighed in feeling stronger than for previous fights and while Cotto weighed in under the light middleweight limit, so the size and strength difference will play a huge part in Daniel’s favour.

Cotto has a massive support base here, but I’m getting a strong feeling Daniel is gaining big motivation from being the underdog here and will serve him in this fight. As he says himself it’s his job to silence the crowd, when he does that he’ll know he’s winning the fight.

This is going to be a great fight with serious intensity and I’m privileged to be part of the team for this occasion and a fight of this magnitude.

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