Our Experts Decide: Sergey Kovalev vs. Blake Caparello

ON Sunday afternoon from Atlantic City, undefeated Australian Blake Caparello will attempt to shock the boxing world when he challenges hard hitting undefeated WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev. Alongside reigning middleweight prodigy Gennady Golovkin, Kovalev is considered to be one of the most feared men in boxing.

Kovalev, 31, comes as advertised, a bad man with an impressive knockout streak. Never has the Russian bulldozer gone past eight rounds and he hasn’t looked even closed to being threatened in his short reign as a titleholder in a stacked light heavyweight division. Caparello, 27, goes in as a clear underdog, but anyone who has seen the defensively apt Australian will vouch for his role as a legitimate title contender.

Aus-Boxing spoke to a group of industry insiders and got their thoughts ahead of what could be another defining day in Australian boxing.

Ben Damon, MAIN EVENT – Record: 4-5
Kovalev W 12 Caparello: What a tough couple of weeks for Aussie fighters in the US. Geale v Golovkin, and now Caparello v the equally daunting Kovalev.

I agree with the assertion Caparello can box in his awkward southpaw style and “give Kovalev fits”, and Caparello told me himself he will stop Kovalev. I truly hope he’s right.

Sam Labruna, Blake Caparello’s Trainer – Record: 7-1

Caparello W 12 Kovalev: We haven’t taken the Kovalev fight lightly and we are certainly not going there on a wish that we could beat him – we believe we can – we have worked super hard to expose Kovalev on his flaws.

We believe Blake’s style is a good match for the Kovalev attacking style. While he might have a solid attack, he doesn’t have a solid defence and he doesn’t travel well in any other direction except forward.

I won’t get into much more but there’s plenty. Tune in and watch Caparello at his best


Adam Wilcock, Manager/Promoter – Record: 6-3
Kovalev TKO Caparello: Blake is defensively excellent and is ‘live’ in this fight. A massive step up in opponent class and all credit has to be given to Blake and his team for not just taking this fight, but actively chasing it. Having belief in this sport is a massive attribute and Blake has stepped up at every step when challenged so far in his career.

Distance obviously the key against a boxer who I truly believe is P4P top 5 in the world. The path of destruction he’s created in the division is enormous. His domination and fear factor even forced Adonis Stevenson to jump ship from HBO (to Showtime) to avoid the networks planned showdown.

I’d love to see Blake win, he has the defensive ability to win, but he’ll need the offensive game to lift to Kovalev’s level to be a chance on the night. I think Kovalev will be too strong and too powerful.

Win, lose or draw this is a win/win fight for Blake against a fighter nobody else in the world will fight

Noel Thornberry, Manager/Trainer – Record: Debut

Caparello W 12 Kovalev: It’s going to be very hard to beat Kovalev, but Blake has a way of making good punchers seem impotent.

If Blake can use his angles to take the edge off of Kovalev’s power he may pull off an upset. For the good of Australian boxing I hope he does.


Lincoln Hudson, Trainer – Record: 6-3

Kovalev TKO 10 Caparello: What a great month for Aussie boxing around the world with Caparello taking on Kovalev. This fight is about a little Aussie battler living the dream.

Blake Caparello is probably the most under rated fighter on the international scene right now and Kovalev is one of the most feared fighters on the international scene.

That’s why this fight is exciting, but as much as it’s exciting I think Caparello will be very slippery early but Kovalev might just have too much power in the late rounds, I tip Kovalev by late stoppage or maybe a points decision – what a month!

George Reno, Trainer – Record: 4-1

Caparello W 12 Kovalev: Far out, this is a hard one. I’m going to stick my neck out and say Blake will win on points.

Kovalev is no Golovkin and if Blake can use his southpaw jab and work his angles there is a good chance he could frustrate Kovalev with his awkward style. I think he is a great chance – as long as he dont get tagged early – Caparello on points for mine.


Billy Hussein, Trainer – Record: 6-1


Kovalev W 12 Caparello: Unfortunately Kovalev on points, he’s too seasoned in big fights. Caparello is very skillful though and might make it difficult at times I hope.

Gareth Williams, Trainer – Record: 5-4


Kovalev KO 6 Caparello: I saw Kovalev fight Nathan Cleverly and I was very impressed by his power at mid-range. Kovalev is a brutal puncher and has a very strong physique, unfortunately I can’t see Blake winning this.

Blake is a good boxer and is a chance, although he has to nullify Kovalev’s power by using movements and feints to keep him off balance rather than standing still. Kovalev brings a hard left hook after his right hand to both head and body and I think it’ll be the left hand that stops Blake in round six.

I wish Blake all the best though and I will be cheering for him.


Photos: Getty Images/Photography by Rockfingrz

Betting Odds:

Sergey Kovalev: $1.10, Blake Caparello: $7.00

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