Quinlan confirms Carr challenge – “No dream is too big”

RENOLD Quinlan made a promise to his grandfather that he would win the Australian title in his honour.

Quinlan will get the opportunity to make good on his promise when he challenges fellow unbeaten prospect and rising star Jake Carr, who holds the Australian super middleweight title, on August 15th at The Melbourne Pavilion.

“Jake Carr is a good fighter. I haven’t watched him but a lot of people talk him up so I just go off what they say,” said Quinlan in an exclusive interview with Aus-Boxing. “I don’t like watching the people I fight but I hope whatever he brings to the table when he fights me is good.”

“It feels great, I can’t wait for one of my dreams to come true – no dream is too big.” he continued. “The Aussie title means a lot to me. My grandfather said to me, ‘son before I go I want you to win the Australian title or be the best and that’s what I want to see’ – and I told him that one day I will.”

“So if I do win it, that will be for him and my family and my fans out there. I’m the people’s champ.”

Barry Michael, who promotes and manages Carr, took to his Facebook page to announce the fight between the Newport-based Carr (7-0, 3 KOs) and the Redfern-based Quinlan (8-0, 4 KOs).

“I am proud to announce that I have confirmed with Renold Quinlan’s manager, that we have locked in August 15th at The Melbourne Pavilion,” said Carr’s manager Barry Michael.

“Jake has a very tough fight before this, against Dane Mulivai on June 25th, which is another defence of Jake’s title. Mulivai is of course looking to upset our plans and coming to give it a crack.” Michael said. “This is what boxing is about, not pussyfooting about making out as though you are the best unless you are willing to step up.”

Quinlan, 24, has found it hard to secure lucrative fights – or fights in general – due to his wins over formerly world-rated Joseph Kwadjo and Joel Casey as well as durable local Tim Kanofski.

Like Quinlan, Carr, 23, has faced similar difficulties when finding quality opponents, due to the impressive scalps he holds over Zac Awad and Serge Yannick, who he beat in a Fight of the Year candidate to earn the Australian title last July.

The fight will mark a series of high quality opponents Carr has defended his Australian title against. Before Quinlan gets his opportunity, Carr will have defended his title against Zac Awad and most notably big-punching Dane Mulivai – who Carr faces on June 25th. Providing Carr is successful against Mulivai, it will be Carr’s third defense of his domestic strap.

“Well, first of all I want to thank Choc and Team Mundine – he’s been a big help to me in many ways – nobody knows but he’s the reason why I push myself,” Quinlan explained. “I looked up to him and still do and I’ve told him that before, no matter what, I’ll always look up to him.”

“My team are doing a great job, including my trainer Terry Lewis, whose roll is to keep me fit and work with me on the things I need as well as my manager Ben Thompson, he does all my business side of things – then you got my family – who are always there for me.”

“The plan for this year is to become Australian champion, maybe go on to becoming a world champion,” Quinlan said. “But, I’ve learned to let everyday go, as it comes who knows what’s around the corner.”

Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Asia Pac

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