Renold Quinlan’s Quest for Glory

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]THERE are very few places lonelier than the boxing ring. Much like the Colosseum of ancient Rome, the boxing ring bestows untold glories onto its victors and casts darkening shadows onto the defeated.

For Sydney fighter Renold Quinlan his opportunity to shine has arrived. The man that stands in his way may be a formidable one but Quinlan has no qualms about tackling a fighter of the magnitude of Daniel Geale.

“Geale’s a three-time world champion so I take my hat off to him for what he’s done for Australian boxing but once I get in that ring everyone is going to see what I can really bring to the table,” says Quinlan.

Much can be said about a fighter based on his quality of opposition and despite having just eleven professional fights, Quinlan is entering the ring against one of Australia’s greatest ever middleweights, a man he has the utmost respect for and he is excited for the opportunity to show what he can do against his more experienced foe.

“Geale’s record speaks for itself,” says Quinlan.

“He’s someone I’ve always watched and admired and he’s inspired me. I know this will be a big, big test; a big step up for me but this is the most relaxed I’ve ever been for a fight and it’s because of my preparation.”

“I know I have to step up and show off my real talents, show Australia that I’m going to be the next big thing,” he says.

It’s clear speaking to Quinlan that his preparation for this fight has been spot on and perhaps this is the reason why he is taking little notice of the odds against him. He’s using his underdog status as motivation instead.

“I haven’t been taking any notice of the odds for the fight,” says Quinlan.

“Like I said, this is the most focussed I’ve ever been. I know I’m the underdog coming into the fight but that motivates me even more.”

Odds aside, Quinlan points to his lone loss against Jake Carr in December of 2014 as a turning point and perhaps the very reason why he has landed this fight against Geale.

“I leant a lot from that fight with Carr,” says Quinlan.

“Coming into that fight I was physically prepared but mentally I was going through a few things but I learnt a lot from that setback and it showed in my comeback with those two wins against Ramallo for the IBO International title and Van Nimwegan for the PABA title and now I have gained this big opportunity against Geale.”

Self-belief is an amazing thing; very few have the internal fortitude to come back after a loss in the ring but Quinlan isn’t like most.

When asked what it would be like to hear his name announced as the new IBO super middleweight champion on Friday night, you get the feeling he has thought about it more than anything else.

“Every time I train I call myself a world champion,” Quinlan remarks with more than a hint of excitement in his voice. “Every time I look in the mirror I say Renold Quinlan, the new IBO super middleweight champion of the world. I always say that to myself.”

“It would mean the whole world to me to win this fight.”

Words: Dan Attias (Follow Dan on Twitter)
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