Ruthless Dunn disposes of Berrocal in two round thriller

IN front of a enthusiastic crowd at the Royal Exhibition Building, Zac Dunn and Beibi Berrocal went at each other from the opening bell, engaging in a hellacious two round brawl.

Had it not been for the trigger-happy refereeing of Jim Boland, we could’ve possibly witnessed a frontrunner for Fight of the Year honours.

For all the drama and swings of momentum, it was Zac Dunn who was left as the last man standing, finishing a courageous Berrocal in two rounds with no knockdowns being scored.

Dunn, 24, weathered an early second round storm from Berrocal, 27, who had the most success of any previous opponent in terms of tagging Dunn, only for the undefeated prospect to rebound in spectacular fashion, throwing two dozen unanswered punches to prompt Boland’s stoppage.

Given the enormity of the prize at stake – being a guaranteed shot at the IBO super middleweight title – as well as the competitive nature of the fight, many thought the stoppage was premature.

This was a night where the technical proficient Dunn, widely perceived as a strictly business technician, threw caution into the wind to earn his biggest win as a professional.

“Coming into the fight I had injured my left hand, but during the fight I felt on song,” said Dunn in his post-fight interview. “I tried to get in there early and mix it, but he didn’t want to mix it with me,”

“So I stood back and regrouped, went back into the second round landing some good shots flush and that was that. I knew I had him – he dropped his hands – and the referee jumped in at the right time I thought,”

“He never hurt me, I thought I was aggressive and tidy,” Dunn continued. “I’m pretty pumped, I’m really happy with how I went. He was a big banger and I was able to ride his shots. I was on tonight, it was a good win.”

In the end, Dunn (now 17-0, 15 KOs) was too strong and ultimately was more willing to engage when it mattered most. For the first time in the paid ranks, Dunn was made to fight by Berrocal (now 14-3, 14 KOs) and will be better for the experience, despite being robbed of a spectacular finish.

“I think the ref got it right,” explained Dunn. “His (Berrocal) corner wasn’t happy. I know they think their boy was tough but he was going down without a doubt.”

“I’m just going to enjoy this, have a week or two off and get excited about the next one,”

“My next fight will be for the IBO world title. I think it will be around end of May, or even the start of June. I’m really hoping it’s with a tough opponent,”

Photo: Damian Brierty/Visual Delight



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