Solomon Haumono admits “it’s all or nothing” against Tomasz Adamek

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THE shelf life of a heavyweight is arguably longer than any other division.

So it comes as little surprise that 42-year-old Solomon Haumono is preparing for one last roll of the dice against former two-divison titleholder and long-time heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek at the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland.

Haumono (24-3-2, 21 KOs) hasn’t fought in just under twelve months with his last appearance coming against Joseph Parker, who disposed of Haumono in four relatively uneventful rounds last July, albeit with the help of some incompetent officiating by referee Bruce McTavish.

But in spite of his shortfalls, Haumono has secured a winnable opportunity against Adamek (50-5, 30 KOs), who has been a fixture at heavyweight for almost a decade, and has perhaps seen better days. However, as Haumono freely admits, things don’t always go to plan, citing his recent inactivity.

“It’s the boxing game, so things don’t always go to plan, which I’ve learned to accept over the years.” said Haumono in an interview with Aus-Boxing.

“I accepted a fight with Julius Long to remain active, but the show got cancelled a few times, which took away over half the year. It was frustrating but I then decided I’d wait for something worthwhile rather than just fight anyone.”

The beauty of time is that it allows us to look back at things with a different perspective. The time that has passed since Haumono’s ill-fated collision with Joseph Parker hasn’t altered his opinion on how he prepared. As far as he is concerned, he would accept a rematch with zero hesitation.

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“Yeah, the time goes fast. I trained very hard for that – and I was ready – but maybe I got complacent,” he explained. “I know if I get him again, I wont be holding back. The opportunity to fight Parker in Australia for his world title would be something special.”

“Any fights of that magnitude are what I’m looking for, I don’t want to leave the sport with any questions.”

Given his age, Haumono realises his window of activity is decreasing with each passing day. So rather than chase tune-up fights to build up his record, Haumono instructed his team, led by Matt Rose of No Limit Management to pursue the biggest options available.

In the end, it has worked out for the better as Haumono is now only a fight away from being in an ideal position. The New Zealand-born brawler sees similarities between his circumstances and that of Adamek, as both are admittedly in the last chance saloon.

“I told my management (No Limit Management) to look out for something big that will put me back in line with the top heavyweights in the world,” he continued. “A win over Adamek gives me that opportunity. I think they have done a great job.”

“Adamek and I are in very similar spots, we are both looking to kickstart a final campaign at a world title. Adamek is a multiple world champion – he has been in some huge fights- he is a very clever boxer but he comes to fight. I have no doubt this is going to be a war.”

“He has a big name with an impeccable record,” he concluded. “A win over him would put me right in contention for another big fight. Eric Molina was the last guy to beat Adamek, and then he got to fight Anthony Joshua. I know a win will take me places.”

“But right now I need that win first. It’s all or nothing this Saturday night.”

Photo: Getty Images

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