Team Mundine on Green rematch: “Danny needs to lose some weight”

ANTHONY Mundine has made his intentions clear that he will only consider a rematch with Danny Green if he can beat Blake Caparello or Sakio Bika first.

In a release issued by The West Australian, Ben Thompson, Mundine’s manager had the following to say;

“He’s basically talking nonsense,” said Thompson. “Firstly, Danny needs to lose some weight.”

“He’s twenty kilos heavier than Anthony yet he’s talking as if the fight can happen soon.”

“Anthony said let him show he’s serious by getting down in weight and fighting a genuine Australian light heavyweight, like Blake Caparello or Sakio Bika. Then he might be interested.”

“Otherwise he’s using the Mundine name to get publicity for his fights.”

Blake Caparello, who is currently in a Montréal sparring camp with WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson added his thoughts.

“I would love to fight Danny Green, his style is perfect for me,” added Caparello. “It’d be banger versus boxer, I’ll make him look old overnight,”

“This will be an exciting fight for Australian television.”

Caparello’s long time manager/trainer Sam Labruna was also probed for his opinion on a future fight with Green.

“Danny wont fight Blake, he knows he can’t run with Caparello in the skills department,” said Labruna.

“It’s good to see some real talk from Mundine’s team though,”

“Making Green take a real test against Caparello or Bika first. The problem is Green knows he wont get through Caparello so he’s going to be ducking us all day.”

Labruna’s thoughts were echoed by Caparello’s co-manager Brendan Bourke, who was of a similar opinion about a fight between the pair.

“Greeny is a great fighter and a true Aussie legend but this is a changing of the guard fight,” said Bourke.

“Blake has beaten all the best guys in Australia and New Zealand and I know he wants Greeny to prove Blake is Australia’s best,”

“However, truth being told I won’t be waiting beside the phone because I know Danny won’t fight Blake even though Blake sells loads of tickets and tables in Melbourne.”

Words: Press Release
Photo: Getty Images



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