VIDEO: Nigel Benn talks Kovalev-Caparello

IN another exclusive, Aus-Boxing was able to sit down with boxing legend Nigel Benn to get his thoughts and opinion on the upcoming Kovalev vs. Caparello fight which will be shown live in Australia through Main Event on Sunday 3rd August.

“Kovalev, he’s not a bad boxer but he’s just got really heavy hands, he has dynamite in his hands” said Benn. “He needs to keep him at distance with his jab cause he is a southpaw.”

“Catching him with the right, catching him with the right and keep moving, that’s what he’s got to do – you can’t stay there,” he explained. “If he (Kovalev) unleashes those big guns he is in trouble. He has to box him and move, box him and move”

“Eastern European guys are strong but they can’t handle fighters who know how to move”, he continued. “Make him work don’t give it to him on a plate”

When describing Caparello, Benn was impressed by his power and movement.

“Blake, I think he is very strong, for me southpaws are very hard to hit,” Benn explained. “He is a good boxer, he needs to use that reach that he has got. He looks very powerful, very strong indeed”



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