Weigh-In Results: Anthony Mundine 69.55 vs. Charles Hatley 69.75

ANTHONY Mundine and Charles Hatley are two talkative, charismatic and equally talented competitors.

But at tonight’s official weigh-in both combatants were respectful and cordial with their words as both weighed inside the light middleweight limit ahead of their WBC Silver title clash at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Mundine, 40, the defending champion tipped the scales at a trim 69.55 kilograms while Hatley, 29, weighed in at a comfortable 69.75 kilograms, despite wearing a stylish leather cap.

After making weight the pair showed reverence for one other, with Mundine introducing his opponent to his father and trainer Tony Mundine before posing for photos.


Weigh-In Results:

Anthony Mundine 69.55 vs. Charles Hatley 69.75
WBC Silver light middleweight title

Anthony Buttigieg 69.75 vs. Samuel Colomban 68.95
Kane Watts 91.30 vs. Thomas Heads 90.60
Shane Tuck 84.75 vs. Lucas Miller 83.90
Qamil Balla 61.20 vs. Ben Warburton 61.00
Blake Caparello 76.20 vs. Luke Sharp 76.50 (weighed 77.65 on first attempt)
Cameron Hammond 66.35 vs. Sahlan Coral TBA
Czar Amonsot 66.45 vs. Eakkhunpohl Krungthepthonburi TBA

Photos: Marty Camilleri/Marty’s Knockout Photography



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