Anthony Buttigieg: “Last time I beat Ben pretty convincingly”

In the space of three fights, Victorian light middleweight champion Anthony Buttigieg cleaned out his state, beating all three of his closest rivals in a signature 2014 campaign.

Along the way, Buttigieg (7-0, 1 KO) picked up the state title and made one successful title defence, leaving the Altona-based prospect with thoughts of the national title firmly in his mind.

But before any talk of a matchup with Australian light middleweight champion Shannon King can eventuate, Buttigieg has business to settle with Ben Capps on Friday night at La Mirage Function Centre.

“Our last fight was action packed,” said Buttigieg in an exclusive interview with Aus-Boxing. “Last time I beat Ben pretty convincingly, I felt like I won every round,”

“There were a few times where I had him hurt and he spat his mouth piece out to recover. He didn’t like my pressure and I hope to do more of the same this time around.”

In most cases, a convincing win over a local opponent usually closes the door on a near immediate rematch.

However, with Capps coming off a career best win in the form of an impressive stoppage over Fred Tukes in March, Buttigieg was eager to get a piece of his now higher rater opponent.

“The rematch has happened because the promoter wanted to put it on as the main event,” Buttigieg explained.

“And seeing as Ben has racked up a nice win over Fred Tukes – and shot above me in the rankings since – it’s a good fight for me,”

“I’m expecting a much fitter and stronger Ben Capps this time around. There’s no doubt he will be bringing everything to the table this time as he would definitely want revenge,”

“But I’m confident I will get over the line again,”

Despite being in the midst of a genuine purple patch, Buttigieg, 26, has still sought out the best possible sparring partners available, putting in work with Australian champions Dwight Ritchie and Rivan Cesaire.

“I’ve been training hard and doing plenty of sparring in the lead up to the fight. I’ve been getting rounds in with Dwight Ritchie, Rivan Cesaire and Cameron Eyes,”

“It’s been good to also do some rounds with some of the top amateurs who were on their way to nationals on the Gold Coast,”

While Buttigieg isn’t looking past his potential Fight of the Year candidate with Ben Capps on Friday night, he is the first to admit that bigger fights are inevitable if he keeps on winning.

“I plan to keep active and gain more experience from each fight,” said Buttigieg in closing. “If things go to plan, hopefully I’ll fight for an Aussie or regional title later in the year,”

Photo: Marty Camilleri/Marty’s Knockout Photography


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