Best I’ve Faced: Billy Dib

IN a professional career that has taken him across the globe, Billy ‘The Kid’ Dib has encountered some of the biggest names in the sport.

Having been signed to Golden Boy Promotions at an early stage of his career, Dib gained experience from fighting on the biggest cards and on the sports biggest platform. You name them, Dib has either met or worked with them in some capacity.

Currently signed to 50 Cent’s budding promotional franchise SMS Promotions, Dib (36-3, 21 KOs), 28, is preparing with renewed vigour for an onslaught in the super-featherweight division.

Dib took time out of his schedule to speak exclusively to Aus-Boxing about some of the fighters that he has stepped into the ring with on the professional circuit. From title fights, defences and everything in between, we speak about the best Billy Dib has faced.


Strongest: Evgeny Gradovich
That would definitely have to go to Evgeny Gradovich, the man was just so physically strong.

Fastest: Steven Luevano
Steven Luevano Definitely had some slick speed. His counter punches were very fast.

Best Feet: Steven Luevano
Again best feet must go to Steven Luevano, his ability to use the ring well from his southpaw stance was impressive.

Best Handspeed: Mike Oliver
Mike Oliver definitely possessed some serious speed. His counter hook was very impressive.

Best Puncher: Eduardo Escobedo
The man who wins the prize here is Eduardo Escobedo, he was a very well schooled boxed who knew exactly how to place his punch.

Best Defence: Zolani Marali
Zolani Marali had fantastic defence from his southpaw stance, his ability to use his height and reach allowed him to maintain a great distance.

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Best Chin: Evgeny Gradovich
Gradovich had a chin made of steel. I hit him with some great shots, his ability to recover quickly in both fights was mind-blowing.

Best Jab: Steven Luevano
Luevano definetly wins the prize here. His southpaw stance was difficult to counter due to his ability to maintain distance with a great jab.

Best Overall: Jorge Lacervia
Although I had my way with him, Jorge Lacervia was definitely the craftiest of them all. He could punch, could move and could switch hit. Unfortunately for him that night I was one hundred percent on my game.


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