Fred Mundraby – “I want to show my desire to win”

KID Galahad is arguably one of the best prospects in Europe. In a handful of fights, the Qatar-born but Sheffield based Galahad has picked up the British, European and WBC International super bantamweight titles, while also remaining unbeaten.

If everything goes according to plan, Galahad, 24, will attempt to win the vacant Commonwealth super bantamweight title and push towards a world rating. But there’s one problem, Australia’s Fred Mundraby will be in the other corner.

Mundraby, 26, a natural super flyweight, will fight two divisions above his desired weight class as he attempts to take a leaf out of fellow Australian Lucas Browne’s book, by winning the Commonwealth title on foreign ground. Funnily enough, Mundraby will challenge Galahad at the exact same venue Browne was crowned – only weeks later.

“Winning this belt to me would mean I’m a force to be reckoned with, even though its not my desired division.” said Mundraby in an exclusive interview with Aus-Boxing. “I want to show my desire to win, no matter what the odds are and make my people proud.”

Despite winning Australian titles at super flyweight, bantamweight and super bantamweight, Mundraby is a naturally smaller fighter who has been forced to fight at unnatural weights due to an inability to find credible opponents.

“I feel comfortable at super flyweight, but I can make flyweight and light flyweight as well. Either way my power is carried well through the divisions.”

Mundraby has been out of action since last August, where he schooled the previously unbeaten Emmett Gazzard over ten one-sided rounds. While Mundraby hasn’t been as active as he has hoped going into what is arguably the biggest fight of his career, he believes he will maintain his winning form.

“I definitely think I can carry my form from my last fight. I’m feeling great and I’ve been really focused during my off-season with the fit clubs we run around the Cairns region,” continued Mundraby. “A lot of credit needs to go to my team, made from my best mate Jesse, my trainer Marto, conditioning coach Steve and a heap of street brothers – praise God.”

Galahad will go into the fight as a heavy favourite and rightly so given the credible opposition he has faced thus far. Mundraby is aware of the tools that Galahad brings, but is confident he will be victorious, even with the odds heavily stacked against him.

“Kid Galahad brings awesome footwork, he’s very slick and has good hands,” explained Mundraby. “I’ve been working on a few things now and come fight night I’ll be able to fine tune to what ever he wants to do.”


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