Jason Moloney recaps Gabisay win, first career knockdown

JASON Moloney kept his one hundred percent knockout ratio, putting away the durable Danilo Gabisay in five competitive rounds last week.

But it wasn’t all one way traffic for the highly touted super bantamweight prospect, who was floored in the second round en route to victory.

In a post-fight interview with Aus-Boxing, Moloney (now 4-0, 4 KOs) talks about the unique experience of being floored and how he responded to it in the heat of the moment.

“I was pretty happy with the fight,” said Moloney. “I was after a good test and that’s exactly what I got,”

“I got put down for the first time in my career in the second round, I was careless and walked into a big shot,”

“I didn’t get that much of a scare,”

“When he hit me and I went down – I was a little dizzy – but I just kept my cool. I haven’t been there before but it was sort of what I expected.”

“I got up, I composed myself and came to my senses pretty quick,”

“From then onwards, I just played careful – and then believe me – I was fine. I got back on the front foot and finished the round strong,”

Under the guidance of head trainer Brian Butler from East End Boxing, Moloney was urged to keep his cool and it was reflected in his performance as he rallied to force a stoppage in the fifth round.

“My corner just reminded me to pay the guy a bit of respect and play it a bit more careful,” he continued. “I mean, I fell short with the right hand and walked straight into one.”


Having secured his latest and arguably toughest career win to date, Moloney, 24, is looking forward to watching the fight back and assessing his areas for improvement.

But with that said, the well spoken prospect is happy with the experience given both the enormity of the event and durability of his opponent.

“In the end, I was able to get five rounds out, which is double my tally of rounds as a professional so far. I have only had five rounds going into this fight, so I’m happy,”

“It was good to be able to get some rounds, have a good test and come away with a win.”

Despite sporting a less than perfect resume, it was clear almost immediately that Gabisay was no slouch and had come to Melbourne to score a major upset.

In his last outing, Gabisay (now 6-5, 4 KOs) stretched undefeated bantamweight prospect Saenganan Sithsaithong the full ten round distance in a WBC affiliated regional title fight in May.

“He could punch, he could take a punch and came to fight and that’s what I was after and that’s what I expected,”

“I got five good, tough rounds in front a big crowd – and still came away with a with a knockout victory – against a solid opponent, I’m really happy.”

“I feel more and more comfortable each time I step in the ring,” added Moloney. “I’m still able to put in good performances every fight, that’s all I’m after,”

“Not just to win but to win in impressive fashion and that’s what I think I did. It was awesome being on the big stage. I got a lot of exposure out of it,”

“There was a big crowd of supporters and felt it was a reward for all our hard work,” Moloney quipped. “We got a lot of support,”

“A lot of people came along to watch, some messaged me and many called me over the past few days. It’s really good to seeing people appreciate the hard work and the benefits of getting a win on the big stage.”

“I just hope to keep plugging away and eventually earn my shot, earn my stripes.”

Photo: Robert Cianflone



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