Jeff Fenech’s Moves Outside Of The Ring


AUSTRALIAN boxing legend Jeff Fenech’s work inside the ring truly needs no introduction, but let’s give him one anyway.


During the early parts of his career, the man also known as the ‘Marrickville Mauler’ was one of the most feared bantamweights out there. After evolving into a top-tier featherweight, and shortly after that super featherweight), he decided to hang it up following an unsuccessful stint at the lightweight level.


Since initially retiring in 1996 – it’s not as if Fenech has been removed from boxing – not in the least bit.


He’s every bit as known for his skills as a trainer as a fighter, being recently appointed head trainer of Commonwealth heavyweight champion Lucas Browne and formed a partnership with unbeaten light middleweight Rocky Jerkic.


While that’s more of what Fenech has done in the past year or so, his time as a trainer has included even more notable names. That’s particularly true in the international boxing community as he worked with superstars like Vic Darchinyan and even took part in Mike Tyson mid-2000s return (attempt).


All that being said, Fenech’s time outside of the ring has been just as interesting, with one being an equally competitive, albeit not quite as body punishing, as his choice sport.


It turns out that he’s quite the poker player. While it’s not clear when he took up the game of skill, it is evident that he’s definitely showcased his talents at the table.


According to Poker Listings, Fenech was asked by legendary cricket player Shane Warne to participate in a celebrity poker tournament game. The thing is, Fenech was training at the time, so he didn’t necessarily want to put that on hold. He gave in, however, and won the entire tournament (that lasted until 4 in the morning).


As of that Poker Listings article’s writing, Fenech was deep into a World Series of Poker event. For those unfamiliar, the WSOP is tournament that exploded with popularity in the early 2000s (during the poker boom).


It’s then that amateurs, like Fenech, found a place at professional tables through winning satellite tournaments on the web. Betfair’s poker site is firmly established for holding just those types of games, which work as a great starting out point for armchair players.


As for Fenech, though, it seems that he’s been mostly sticking to the celebrity events. One of his more recent romps took place this past September, when he and a slew of other celebrities, including actor Rhys Muldoon and (of course) Warne, took part in the EJ Whitten Poker Tournament.


It was only two months later that Fenech’s post-fighting career took another intriguing turn, though it’s one more tied to his roots. As he wrote on his Twitter, the Marrickville native teamed up with worldwide fitness product company YOR Health to become an ambassador for the brand.


While his Twitter didn’t give much else away in terms of what this may mean for Fenech—outside of a new revenue stream – we’ll have to keep an eye on his next moves as we’re in the new year.
Who knows where 2015 will take the boxing legend.



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