Lincoln Hudson talks government regulations and lack of promoters

RESPECTED trainer Lincoln Hudson is a passionate figure when it comes to boxing in New South Wales.

Hudson, who works out of his state of the art Ultimate Training Centre in St Marys, has worked with several high-profile fighters, including Will Tomlinson, Garth Wood and Kye MacKenzie amongst many others.

However, it’s his latest role as matchmaker for fledgling promotional outfit Chin Music Promotions that has Hudson worried about the livelihood and future of boxing in his home state.

Hudson cites new regulations issued by the New South Wales government earlier in the year, which has made it increasingly difficult for promoters to regularly promote events without suffering a substantial loss.

“Chin Music is a new promoter that has tried really hard to revive boxing in New South Wales again,” said Hudson in an exclusive interview with Aus-Boxing. “But with all the new restrictions it is becoming very difficult,”

“When Chin Music Promotions spoke to me about doing a card they were only interested in bringing through exciting fighters,” Hudson explained. “My understanding is that they want to do bigger and better things down the track, they have big plans,”

“Without new promoters like Chin Music having a go, boxing will die. Plain and simple,”

In recent years, boxing in New South Wales has experienced a drought in terms of active promoters. Gone are the days of regular high-profile cards that were televised nationally by Grange Old School Boxing and others.

Hudson puts this down to several factors, referring to the hands on approach by the state government as part of the top heavy nature of promoting an event in New South Wales.

“There seems to be a decline in promoters in New South Wales at the moment and it is because of costs involved,” Hudson added. “When you add the venue cost and the costs involving the police, before they even sell a ticket most promoters are up to $20,000 behind,”

“And then they have to put a card together in which can lead to up to sixty grand, so unless you get a crowd of at least 1500 people at $65 a head – you will lose money – and that’s before any other figures,”

“I’m not sure if it’s a way for the government to close the sport or if it’s a way to police it,” Hudson continued. “But they have way too much input,”

With that said, Hudson is optimistic that the future can still be bright for boxing in New South Wales as several long term promoters continue to push the profile of future stars, many of which feature on Saturday night’s card.

“This is a good show with some great young talent,” said Hudson in closing.

“Let’s hope people get behind their local fighters and support it,”

On Saturday night at Whitlam Leisure Centre, Chin Music Promotions brings you Davey Browne Jr, Val Borg and Rocky Jerkic all on the one card. For tickets contact Oliver on 0481 133 211.

Photo: Louie Abigail/Photography by Rockfingrz


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