Our Experts Decide: Dennis Hogan vs. Steve Moxon

ON Sunday afternoon from Grand Star Receptions in Melbourne’s west, undefeated Australian middleweight champion Dennis ‘Hurricane’ Hogan drops down a division, where he will be challenged by a kickboxer-turned-boxer in the form of a confident ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Moxon, in a fight that will crown the winner with a likely world rating by the WBA.

In five fights, Moxon (5-0, 4 KOs) has beaten two highly touted prospects, scoring upset wins over currently world-rated Rohan Murdock and former two-time Australian title challenger Kurt Bahram. Moxon knocked Bahram out in one round, while Murdock remains the only fighter to have gone the distance with the Ballarat-based Moxon.

“I have fought the world’s best in kickboxing and in boxing, I’ve had just five professional fights in four weight different weight divisions – starting at light heavyweight down to light middleweight.” said Moxon in a previous interview with Aus-Boxing.

Like Moxon, Brisbane-based Hogan (18-0-1, 6 KOs) is undefeated and hasn’t looked close to losing since dethroning then reigning Australian middleweight champion Nathan Carroll last year. However, Hogan was pushed all the way in his most recent title defence against Leroy Brown.

Aus-Boxing spoke to eleven industry insiders and got their thoughts ahead of what should be a Fight of the Year candidate.

Ben Damon, MAIN EVENT – Record: 3-4
Hogan TKO 10 Moxon: This is a very difficult fight to line up. Steve Moxon is unquestionably a star of kickboxing and he has shocked some boxers of significant potential in his irregular forays into boxing.

However, Dennis Hogan looks a classy boxer and he should be able to survive the early fireworks Moxon is certain to provide. If he stays on his feet through the first couple of rounds, I can see Hogan taking charge late in the fight and perhaps forcing a stoppage late.

Matt Clark, Manager/Matchmaker – Record: 2-1

Hogan W 12 Moxon: A very interesting fight this one. Moxon has the power to turn it all around with one punch, while Dennis is a classy boxer with a good work rate.

I fancy the Irishman to win on points, with Moxon having his moments throughout the contest.

Adam Wilcock, Manager/Promoter – Record: 3-3
Hogan W 12 Moxon: Hogan. The public asked for this fight and it’s been delivered. No hiding and no egos. Both boys want the fight and both believe they will win, Moxon can punch, but Dennis won’t stand there to be hit.

Moxon will be there pressuring until the end, but there’s a big stretch from five rounds of kickboxing to twelve rounds of top level domestic boxing. An awesome fight.

Brendan Bourke, Manager/Agent – Record: 5-2

Hogan UD 12 Moxon: Another great fight with the classic boxer versus banger match-up.

Everybody loves Moxon’s fan friendly and aggressive style so this will be a good fight to watch. I think Moxon needs to catch Hogan early, if not, Hogan’s experience of going the distance in eight and ten rounds fights will see him pick up the win.


Lincoln Hudson, Trainer – Record: 4-3

Hogan UD 12 Moxon: This will be a great fight while it lasts. Steve Moxon is a pocket rocket who has a reputation as being one of the hardest punchers in the kickboxing arena, but Dennis Hogan on the other hand is a well-groomed boxer who doesn’t get the credit he actually deserves.

So, if Moxon can catch Hogan – we can expect a knockout win – but if he doesn’t catch Hogan he will get a schooling. With that said, I think this fight will be a master class and Hogan shall win quite comfortably. It could be a wide points or even a possible late stoppage.

George Reno, Trainer – Record: 2-1

Hogan UD 12 Moxon: I believe Hogan will outclass Moxon, he is far too battle hardened. I think Moxon will show his toughness and courage, but I think Hogan on points or even a late round stoppage.


Sam Labruna, Trainer – Record: 6-1

Hogan UD 12 Moxon: This will be a fight that boxing fans will need to tune into. I’m going for Hogan, purely on boxing experience.

In saying that, Hogan’s jab will be very important in this fight. He needs to use his jab and he better not be caught napping.


Billy Hussein, Trainer – Record: 4-1


Hogan W 12 Moxon: For mine, I think Dennis Hogan will win on points in what will be a ompetitive fight. This is a possible fight of year here.

Gareth Williams, Trainer – Record: 4-3


Hogan UD 12 Moxon: I look at the records of both fighters in this fight and I see a mismatch on paper. But I’ve seen how strong and powerful Moxon can be from when he beat Rohan Murdock.

I think the plan for Hogan is to stay safe for the first four rounds and then gradually start opening up in the second half of the fight. Dennis is also a very strong boxer and has also come down in weight but I see his experience paving the way for a clear points win.


Angelo Di Carlo, Promoter/Manager – Record: 0-1


Moxon TKO 7 Hogan: To be honest, I think this fight will be won in the first six rounds. If Hogan can take real genuine power in the first six rounds, well, it will be hard from that point on for Moxon as he has had a little over three weeks to prepare for twelve rounds.

I think this will be a stoppage win for Moxon inside seven rounds. That is said with no disrespect to Hogan, who has done what has been asked of him to this point in his career. Hats off to both teams once again and promoter Adam Wilcock – who has been easy to work with.


Ty Colman, Promoter/Manager – Record: 1-0


Hogan UD 12 Moxon: A great fight, I’m backing Hogan via unanimous points, although Moxon is certainly going to be a test for him. Having had Hogan fight on our shows in Perth not too long ago – standing opposite to him with our Robbie Bryant – we certainly do rate his chances of outboxing Moxon in this contest.

While Moxon is covering a range of combat disciplines, I think he may find it difficult to get set with a moving Hogan. Great fight though, hats off to Adam Wilcock for putting it together.

Photos: Glory World Series/Finish Line Images

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