Rob Powdrill on life after Hooper win, Letizia rematch and more

REWIND four months back and very few outside of the boxing industry were familiar with kickboxing and Muay Thai veteran Rob Powdrill.

One looping overhand right and tens of thousands of YouTube clicks later, boxing fans are suddenly very familiar with the Perth-based Powdrill.

Powdrill, 30, currently holds the WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council light heavyweight bauble and is one fight away from adding another regional title to his collection.

He earned his first professional boxing title with a spectacular one round and one punch knockout over the previously unbeaten Damien Hooper last November and if all goes to plan, he will avenge his lone loss as a boxer against David Letizia tonight.

Fellow Perth resident Letizia, 44, scored a shutout four round decision over Powdrill in 2009, but the kickboxing convert admits he wasn’t in the best condition.

“This time in the rematch with Letizia, I’m properly in training and I’m training hard,” said Powdrill.

Although he is now on the cusp of bigger fights and potentially bigger purses, not too much has changed for Powdrill, who believes he is now finally earning some respect in the sweet science.

“Yes, I think that sounds right,” admitted Powdrill, “What’s changed for me is that I’ve decided to have a good crack at pursuing boxing and it’s paying off as I’ve got a few opportunities on the cards,”

The man who goes by the dual monikers of ‘Power Drill’ and ‘FSU’ has never fought a fighter with a losing record. When asked if that reflected positively on him, he was typically workmanlike in his response.

“I hope it says good things about me as fighter, I’ve never taken any easy fights, whether it’s in Muay Thai or in MMA,”

Such is the desperation to avenge his lone defeat as a boxer, Powdrill will step up in weight to cruiserweight in a move he describes as a one-off.

“This will be the only boxing fight that I’m gonna do above light heavyweight and it’s just so I can do this rematch,” said Powdrill in closing.

“Dave is a top bloke, a highly skilled fighter and I’m stoked to have a second chance to get the win back,”

Photo: Rightcross Boxing



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