Clint Alderton: “I desperately want that Victorian title”

HARD hitting Victorian light heavyweight, Clint Alderton has one thing on his mind, a shot at winning the Victorian light heavyweight title and a chance to cement a place inside the top ten in the Australian 175lbs division.

Firstly, the 32-year-old Geelong slugger has to get past fellow Victorian, Paul “The Mechanic” Watson in this Friday night’s Team Ellis “One upon a time in the West” card at L’amour Reception Centre in St Albans, Victoria.

In an interview with Aus-Boxing, the relaxed and personable Alderton (4-1, 4KOs) explains that getting a shot at state or national honours is his ultimate goal, and one he is willing to leave no stone unturned to get too.

“Yeah I desperately want a crack at that state title, it means the world too me,” said Alderton in an interview with Aus-Boxing.

“I have been fighting for thirteen years now – including ten in the amateurs – and to a win a belt at state or possibly national level would be very satisfying. Definitely something I could pass on to my kids down the track,”

Asked on how the preparation has been for Friday night’s fight, Alderton says that everything has gone exactly how his team have wanted it too.

“My prep has been really good,” added Alderton. “We have prepared as best as we can and I am nearly on weight as we speak so I am feeling really good,”

“This is an important fight for me and a win will be another step towards my goal. I am eating, healthy and the scales won’t be an issue, so I am raring to go mate.”

Asked on what he expected from Watson, Alderton had this to say.

“Like myself, Paul has been around the traps for a while now. I suppose it was inevitable that our paths were going to cross at some stage so here we are,”

“It’s obviously an important fight for both of us as I see he is scheduled to fight for the very title I am after in November, the Victorian light heavyweight title,” explained Alderton.

“We certainly aren’t looking past him, so I’d suggest he doesn’t do the same with me,”

Like most fighters on the domestic scene, Alderton has had the demands of juggling a fighting career and working full time to provide for his wife and three children.

It is often a hard task of getting into fighting condition to compete at professional level and to put food on the table. Alderton explains.

“Yeah there’s no doubt it is hard. You need a lot of support that’s for sure,”

“My wife, Kim is absolutely fantastic with our three children and without her it would make it almost impossible to do what I do,”

“A lot of blokes in my shoes have to do the same thing as me, so there is certainly a lot that goes into getting up for a bout,”

In every fighter’s career there are people behind the scenes that go largely unnoticed. Many have idols, mentors, training partners and coaches that not only make the better fighters, but better people.

When Alderton was asked on who have been some of the bigger influences/idols in his career, the proud Geelong boy had this to say.

“As far as idols go I’d definitely have to see Danny Green. A bloke who has done his country proud by winning four world titles in three different weight classes,” he continued. “I loved the way he went about it and what he brought to the ring.”

“My trainer from day one, Tony Salta who has just been awesome,” said Alderton in closing. “I have learned so much from him,”

“And of course my good mate, Kane McKay (former state champion and crowd favourite) who has been with me every step of the way, in and out of the ring.

“Obviously my wife, Kim, who I have mentioned.”

Words: Dan Smart/Follow Dan on Twitter @dansmart76
Photo: Louie Abigail/Photography by Rockfingrz



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